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IT Project Management Training


It has been observed that most of the projects do no success due to inadequate governance and poor planning and it is being proven that proper utilization of Project Management Skill can improve the project success rate substantially. Project management is the discipline of planning, organizing, motivating, and controlling constraints to achieve project goals. It is also management tools to implement an organization’s strategic objectives.

The successful delivery of information technology (IT) projects requires managers to adapt project management processes and tools to account for the specific characteristics of the IT environment. By applying these processes and tools in a way that suits the project type and complexity, managers can significantly improve project success rates. This course describes points to the benefits of applying project management principles to IT projects.

It provides an overview of the activities you carry out in each of the phases of a project and describes key project management tools.

Learning Methods:
• Lecture, Presentation & case study
• Real Life Project Examples
• Class Exercise in Groups Using Students' Own Project Charters
• Video Clips
• Faculty Hour (Before and After Class)

Course Materials:
• Participant & reference guide for the workshop
• Project management tools and temple


PowerPoint Presentation, Handouts, Hands on Lab Practice, Brainstorming

Contents of Training:

Day 1
Session 1: Basic Overview

Importance of Project Management
IT Project failure and success reasons
Fundamentals of project, project management & IT context
Roles and responsibilities of different project management entities
Different Organization’s structure and PM Authority level

Session 2: How to Initiate a Project
Identify stakeholders and manage them
Quantitative and qualitative methods for project selection
Create SMART objectives and gather requirements
Prepare & sign-off project charter

Day 2
Session 1: Project Planning

Assemble core project team
Document project scope
Create WBS and estimation work
Build project schedule and estimate cost
Strategy to dealing with risk
Plan project quality and procurement

Session 2: Project Implementation
Assess and monitor project performance
Manage and control change
Identify new risk and managing risk
Manage stakeholder expectations

Session 2: Project Closeout & Way forward
Key task required for project or phase closeout
Handing-over of a project
Way Forward

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IT project management professionals.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.