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Written English & Grammar for Official Purposes


People need to communicate in English for various official purposes in different times. Sometimes they need to draft official letters on behalf of their bosses, sometimes it is required to write on various topics in details all through English. This program has been designed to assist the executives, officers and professionals of different organizations to learn easy technics of writing in English.

After completing the course the participants will be confident to correspond in English efficiently with their stakeholders. At the same time they can be aware about the important issues of grammar in regular written works.

How the participants will get benefit after the course:
This program has been designed for those who want to develop their writing skills in English in an easy process. It will enhance their ideas regarding practicing writing in a convenient way. After completing this course they will be more confident to write on any topic in English related to their professional life overcoming their existing anxiety and shyness. Special emphasis has been given on grammar to prepare documents conveniently with least error.


Interactive lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, individual & group work, feedback session etc.

Contents of Training:

• Process of systematic writing

• Technics of regular writing practice

• Technics of short paragraph writing

• Formats of Business Letters, Drafts, Emails & Memo

• Common errors of writing from real life context

• Basic Sentence Structures

• Proper uses of Tense

• Rules of Subject-verb Agreement

• Appropriate uses of Prepositions

• Proper uses of punctuation

• Important Vocabulary exercises

• Editing business writing

• Practice Session

• Test of Improvement

• Feedback session

• Tips for continuous progress through other skills of language

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19 th floor (East), BDBL Building (Old BSRS)
12 Karwan Bazaar
Dhaka - 1215

• Professionals of all disciplines starting from entry level to managerial positions
• Executives of Marketing & other departments of an organization (where communication is a most important factor)
• Housewives
• Teachers & Students
• Anyone interested to improve his English language skills