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Effective Workforce Planning and Management for BPO/Call Center Professionals


Workforce planning and management has become a challenging activity in modern call centers. WFPM in contact centers includes activities such as data collection, analysis, forecasting, estimation, scheduling, monitoring and controlling. This course is designed to provide a bird’s-eye-view on the staffing structure of call centers including steps for forecasting workload, staffing for inbound telephone calls, and performance management. Participants of the course will study and solve number of cases that will cover number of quantitative and managerial challenges in WFPM in contact centers. Participants will also learn and develop number of Excel models for effective WFPM.

Learning Outcomes
At the end of the course, participants will achieve the following outcomes:

LO1. Understand various models and staffing alternatives in call centers;

LO2. Gather and analyze historical data for forecasting workload

LO3. Calculate staff requirements based on forecasted workload.

LO4. Develop staff schedules/roster and manage daily staffing and service.

Benefits of the Course
The course will provide a good understanding of generic-scientific approach of work-force planning and management in call center. It will refresh the knowledge of experienced operation managers and upgrade the skills/knowledge of mid-level and junior-level professionals. Certificates will be provided which will be a valuable addition to the credential of the participants.


The programme will be delivered using formal lectures combined with practical and interactive case studies and exercises. There will be a great emphasis on gaining practical experiences.

Contents of Training:

1. Understand various models and staffing alternatives in call centers
1.1 Identify a list of staffing alternatives in BPO/call centers.
1.2 Explore outsourcing as a staffing alternative and identify its advantages and disadvantages.
1.3 Explore in-house staffing as a staffing alternative and identify its advantages and disadvantages.
1.4 Explore telecommuting as a staffing alternative and identify its advantages and disadvantages.

Case study on maximizing productivity and quality while achieving cost-effectiveness by outsourcing non-core internal activities to capable vendors.

2. Gather and analyze historical data for forecasting workload
2.1 Identify various techniques of gathering and managing historical data
2.2 Conduct descriptive and correlational statistical analysis on historical data
2.3 Prepare graphical analysis and presentation on historical data
2.4 Forecast workload using averaging and time series approach

Case study: Analyze historical call pattern of a customer – determine AHT, variance and seasonality factor. Forecast periodical workload (in minutes/seconds/hours) for a target level of call volume. Microsoft Excel skills will be taught.

3. Calculate staff requirements based on forecasted workload
3.1 Calculate staff requirement under ideal scenario.
3.2 Understand the relationship between staffing and service level for adjusting staffing requirement in ideal scenario
3.3 Understand shrinkage and apply shrinkage provision in manpower calculation
3.4 Identify the impact of staffing and telecommunications tradeoffs in manpower calculation

Case Study (Continued): Calculate periodic manpower requirement considering service level target, shrinkage and tradeoffs. The case will cover Erlang C model of scheduling. Microsoft Excel skills will be taught.

4. Develop staff schedules/roster and manager daily staffing and service
4.1 Identify hour-by-hour manpower requirement based on the historical call pattern and forecasted workload
4.2 Decide on number/duration of shifts and calculate shift-by-shift manpower calculation
4.3 Define all manpower constraints/preferences and prepare roster/schedule by allocating manpower over various shifts.
4.4 Manage daily staffing and service level

Practical Case Solution: Prepare a roster for 24/7 call center of 50 Agents allowing employee preferences and constraints. Prepare automated performance reporting model using Microsoft Excel.

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Call center professionals including operation managers, executives, MIS personnel, team leaders, financial planners and entrepreneurs. Participants should have good numerical, analytical and computing skills.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.