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Nurturing Creativity and Facilitating Innovation


Manpower is the most important capital of any organization. By business nature, ICT/telecom, media, ad and marketing professionals are in the need of continuous innovation. Interestingly, creativity does not come with God-gifted genius only. Creativity can be maintained in employees and innovation can be ensured in products and processes by establishing an innovation development process. Periodic training and continuous inspiration are the most effective mechanism of implanting innovation in the employees. There are famous methods and thought leaderships for inspiring people and making them more innovative. Though innovation, people become highly devoted to their works. Engagement becomes much stronger. Innovation and people excellence is one of 4 pillars of High-performance Culture.

How participants will benefit after course:
The participants will be exposed to the concepts of creativity and they will be able to follow a methodology to find out innovative ideas so easily in their corresponding work areas. Everyone will feel confident about becoming more creative. The talented people will just feel flying. They will be surprised to find out such an easy way out. Everyone will go back with something new, useful and exciting.


PPT demonstartion, reference book walkthrough, practice exams & discussions, etc.

Contents of Training:


Session-1: Concepts & Definitions

a. Understanding current environment of global change & speed of change
b. Understanding creativity and innovation
c. The need for maintaining creativity
d. Understanding 3 levels of creativity – discovery, invention & creation
e. Change vs. transformation
f. Cooperation vs. collaboration
g. Entrepreneurship and innovation
h. Transformation of today’s CIO
i. Transformation of today’s CTO

Session-2: Sources of Innovation
a. History of western innovations
b. Where do good ideas come from
c. Famous innovations appearing as weird in the beginning
d. Remarkable characteristics of creative people
e. Setting up an environment for innovation


Session-1: Innovation Process

a. Belief in innovation process
b. Innovation myths
c. Understanding certainty and uncertainty
d. Understanding hard trends and soft trends
e. Finding invisible solutions to visible problems
f. The Design Thinking process of Stanford University
g. Suggested 9 steps of innovation process
h. 10 strategies to increase creativity
i. How to keep track of innovation works
j. How to assess individual’s creativity
k. KPI for tracking innovation initiatives
l. Learning mind-mapping software

Session-2: Innovating Products & Services
a. The product-market-competitor analysis
b. Identifying the super-sweet spot in the market
c. Identifying the most challenging spot in the market
d. Identifying a suitable business model for products/services to succeed
e. Understanding dematerialization
f. Understanding convergence
g. Understanding globalization
h. Obstacles to creativity
i. Learning the art of skipping obstacles
j. Finding out your super gift & talents
k. Aligning your talents to support your gift
l. Summarizing lessons learned

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ICT/telecom, media, ad and marketing professionals.
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