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SPIN Selling Skills


A day long intensive and highly interactive consultative sells training programme.

Originally developed by Mr. Neil Rackham, a researcher in the field of sells & marketing, SPIN® selling is based on extensive research into what makes a successful salesperson. A team analyzed more than 35,000 sales calls, over a period of 12 years, to provide the hard facts on successful selling that you'll learn here. There are many opinions on how to sell, but a real shortage of well-researched facts. SPIN® Selling Conversations, is a research-based, advanced questioning skills, a proven methodology with today’s best-practices in selling. This module is designed to train sales professionals to lead compelling conversations with decision makers that inspire confidence and lead to quicker decision making

At The End of The Programme, The Participants Will:

1. Able to analyze the psychology of customer needs and decision-making.
2. Able to describe the psychology of customer needs
3. Able to influence all members of a decision making unit
4. Able to analyze strengths & weaknesses of their present selling style.
5. Able to demonstrate the key behaviors used by effective salespeople in their verbal interactions with customers
6. Able to plan sales calls in terms of these behaviors
7. Able to frequently and objectively measured their performance compared with the skilled behavior model and created an action plan for continued development of the skills after the programme.
8. Enable participants to improve their sales skills.


PowerPoint Presentation, Interactive Lecture, Group Exercise, Video clips, Case Study, Discussion & Practical Session, Question and answer session.

Contents of Training:

The content of the programme is based on extensive original research by Mr. Neil Rackham, into what makes an effective sales person. It includes:

The psychology of customer needs.

Opening the call.

Uncovering and developing customer needs.

The SPIN® Selling Skills model.

Situation Questions.

Problem Questions.

Implication Questions.

Need-payoff Questions.

Demonstrating Capability.

Practical tools to analyze and organize a Persuasive Case.

Obtaining Commitment.

Objections – prevention and handling.

Methodology & practical issues.

An Interactive approach to learning

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Price: Tk. 3,000+VAT

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The session is aimed at anyone in sales profession, business development, small business houses or in some other customer-facing role, where demonstrating value to a customer is an important part of what you do, or should be doing & any one who is interested to learn the selling skills.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.