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VAT for Top Management


In our country, the top managers take less interest in VAT matters. They depend on the mid and junior level managers to manage VAT. With less interest and knowledge in VAT matters many top managers can not establish effective control over the mid and lower tiers of VAT managers. Such state of affairs is giving rise to multifarious complexities ultimately increasing business expenditure. I have seen in my long 21 years VAT career that due to little knowledge gap of the top manager and being improperly briefed by the lower manager a company had to lose crores of Taka. Let us put that example for better understanding. The lower tier VAT manager of a company told the Chairman of the company that we shall not declare prices of our products and we shall not take input tax credit. The Chairman i.e, the top manager thought that this is the provision of law. The lower tier manager told him this to avoid complications of price declaration. They continued their activities in this manner for a couple of years. When VAT auditors came, they found this irregularity. Then the VAT manager of the company fled away. It was found that the company lost Taka several crore by not taking input tax credit within stipulated time and not declaring prices. Such examples galore in our VAT management.

In our VAT management, we have seen many times that committing little mistake the company had landed in big troubles. Input tax credit had not been taken within time limit, it has been lapsed. Refund and duty drawback had not been claimed within time limit, it had been lapsed. Zero return had not been submitted timely, so, penalty had been imposed. So on and so forth. If the top managers take little interest in VAT matters, be aware of the VAT environment and learn only the basic principles of the operation of VAT, such untoward incidences may be avoided.

Senior managers do not require thorough knowledge on VAT but their basic knowledge can help the organization avert many crises. In VAT areas, small mistakes today sometimes lead to disaster in future. The senior managers need to know the basics of VAT management to lead the VAT team but not to be led by the VAT team. What are the basic compliance of VAT, upon whom the VAT compliance responsibilities are to be given, what are to be done when a crisis arises, how VAT compliance reduces business cost – these are the issues the senior managers need to take care. This program is designed to provide the participants the VAT knowledge in these areas. If the top managers learn the basics of VAT management, they can lead their team well, hastle and expenditure can be reduced, more revenue can be generated, there can be business-friendly and revenue-friendly VAT system that shall gradually fit within our broad national objective of Vision 2021 and 2041.

How participants shall benefit after the course?

The purpose of this program is to provide the participants basic understanding regarding the features of the VAT system. Particularly, the areas where the organizations generally do mistake that lead to future troubles shall be pointed out to be taken care of by the senior managers. Thus, attending the program, the participants:

--- Can develop basic knowledge regarding the VAT system;
--- Can develop knowledge regarding the basic points where the organizations generally do mistake that lead to future troubles;
--- Can understand the ways how to avert future troubles of the organizations;
--- Can plan strategies for their organizations ahead;
--- Can lead their organizations to new heights.


Lecture, discussion, question and answer.

Contents of Training:

01. Introduction
02. Background
03. Basic features of the VAT system
04. Critical points in the VAT system
05. Generally where the organizations do mistakes those lead to future troubles
06. What precautions the senior managers should take to avert such troubles
07. Where does compliance lead?
08. Few examples of compliance
09. Where does non-compliance lead?
10. Few examples of non-compliance
11. Knowledge and compliance can beat corruption
12. Immediate compliance under the new VAT law
13. Slogan: compliance reduces business cost
14. Questions and Answers (Q&A)
15. Evaluation and certificate distribution

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Chairman, Vice-Chairman, Managing Director, Deputy Managing Director, Director, Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Financial Officer (CFO), Head of Accounts, Head of Finance, Head of Taxation and other senior level functionaries of businesses, industries and establishments can attend the course.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.