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How to Start a Business


You have an idea. You think the idea is incredible and will change the world. Generations will laud you as one of the greats of your chosen industry, an industry you will revolutionize and disrupt through your startup. Your idea is so awesome that it’s hard to put your excitement into words and you can't wait to get started.

Sadly, your startup will fail.

At least, statistically that’s the most likely outcome. According to a Startup Genome report, 90% of startups can't scale past the trough of sorrow and ultimately end up as failures.

Does that mean you should give up on your idea? Absolutely Not! The startup ecosystem of Bangladesh has been pushing forwards amidst all the hurdles. Unlike all the big economies, we are the new tigers of Asia, with immense potential in so many sectors. The imminent digital dividend, increase of venture capital and equity investment, access to low interest debt capital and support from the government are really changing the scenario.

Will all these positive factors and high growth potential behind you, all you need is a solid foundation to circumvent the pitfalls. This course will help you develop a strong command on the fundamentals of start up and with all of your crazy disruptive ideas, you will become unstoppable!

Learning outcome:

The participants will be able to perceive and identify unique & sellable ideas and use tools to navigate & land on potential opportunities.

The participants will be able to integrate their ideas with various business models & tools and will be able to design a impeccable blueprint of their business idea.

The participants will get to know the strategies and marketing models used by industry leaders and gurus and the scope to incorporate them into real life business plans.

The learners will know the basics of equity division, raising fund and modelling a financial plan for a business or project.

At the end of this module, the participants will know about the necessary legal channels and assess their ideas with a pitch deck among their peers.


Participants would be taught basic statistical concepts like descriptive and predictive analytics. They would be taken through four major blocks of businesses and provided with tools to analyze various situations with real life problems. At the end of each module, multiple case studies based on real life problems would be done incorporating the classroom learning.

Contents of Training:

Session 1: Innovation & Entrepreneurship
1. Idea vs Solution
2. Tools to filter out bad ideas
3. Opportunity mapping techniques
4. Resource planning techniques
5. Lessons from the Gurus

Session 2: Competitor Analysis
1. Finding the right strategy for your business
2. Tools to analyze the market & competition
3. Creating the right business model

Session 3: Marketing & Finance
1. Branding tools for your business
2. Crafting an IMC Plan
3. Creating a Financial Model of your business
4. Ways to raise investment capital
5. Distribution of equity among stakeholders

Session 4: Capstone Session
1. Legal Frameworks for Start-ups
2. Creating your investor pitch deck
3. Presentation and feedback

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