Office Filing and Records Management


It plays important role in orderly, efficient, and accountable service delivery. Effective records management ensures that we have the right information at the right time to make the right decisions. It provides evidence of what we do and why, and thus protects interests of the organization.

The participants will be aware of:
- Appropriate record creation and keeping system
- Importance of regular record review
- Controlled retention of information
- Controlled destruction of information

The participants will benefit in:
- Efficiently locating, accessing and retrieving records easily
- Protecting and securely storing information


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Question and Answer Session.

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction

2. Filing System

a. Basic Filing Procedure
b. Alphabetical
c. Numeric
d. Geographical
e. Subject-wise
f. Chronological

3. Filling system in your computer

4. Records Management

a. What are Records?
b. Why records management is necessary?
c. Document vs Records
d. What is non records?
e. Characteristics of Records
f. Importance of Records
g. Sources of Records
h. Categories according to its usefulness
i. Elements of Records Management
j. Process of Records Disposal
k. Archives
l. Records Retention schedule

5. Electronic records and electronic records keeping system

6. Definitions of

a. Record
b. Electronic Record
c. Benefits of electronic records
d. Challenges of Electronic records
e. Records Management
f. Electronic records Management
g. Electronic Records Keeping

7. Business benefit of Electronic Record Keeping

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Price: Tk. 3,000+VAT

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Office Secretary for MDs & CEOs
Personal Assistant and Private Secretaries
Front Desk Executive
Would-be Entrepreneurs
Business Executives from any business firm, NGOs, Trust, Foundation and
Any other persons having special interest in filling and record management skills.

"it was very effective for organizing nonadministrative documentation and management" Shobita Gomes
"It is really a very good workshop for professional development" Tajnuma Habib
"Workshop was enjoyable & Informative" - Md. Shah Alam, Sr. Officer, Training,Beximco Pharmaceuticals Ltd.