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SAP-CO Course


SAP is known as the best ERP software available in the market. About 75% of the big-ERP market is under the control of SAP. About 20,000 companies use this software. The business area “Financial Accounting” is implemented in SAP through the FI module. This is controlling module for the whole SAP ERP suite. CO implements Management Accounting. It includes Cost Center Accounting, Profit Center Accounting, Profitability Analysis, etc. All kinds of cost controlling activities are housed here. It is targeted to CO knowledge & skill at the mid-level.

How participants will benefit after the course
First of all, you would hardly find a CO implementation expert, i.e., a CO Solution Consultant. Now, think again the vast rollout of SAP while CO remains as a must. The opportunity clearly lies in the shortage of CO experts. Acquiring skills on SAP is not a matter of clicking and typing; it is the skill of translating & transforming the business processes into an automatable process flow supported by SAP. It requires a clear understanding of business processes and technology; then a sense of fusion. As a result, SAP solution consultants are observed to be amongst the highest-paid professionals. This course is designed based on SAP certification courses TFIN 20 & 22 (Solution Consultant on Management Accounting). After completing it, the participants should moderately learn how to implement SAP to automate financial management processes. A participant would also find it much easier to prepare for and attend SAP exam: SAP Solution Consultant - Management Accounting.

On the other hand, SAP-conversant business professionals are treated with higher priority among their competitors. This course is also planned to highlight user-centric aspects of CO module. The participants should find themselves well-versed with transaction posting & reporting features in CO as well.


PPT demonstartion, reference book walkthrough, practice exams and discussions, etc.

Contents of Training:

Part-1: Controlling Organization
Day1 – Introduction to SAP-CO & Organizational Units
a. Client, Company & Company Code (CC)
b. Operating Concern, Controlling Area
c. Profit Center, Cost Center, etc
d. CO integration with FI & other modules

Day2 – Defining CO Master Data & Event-based Posting
a. Cost Centers
b. Cost Elements
c. Activity Types
d. Controlling Area settings
e. Entering primary postings
f. Adjustment postings
g. Direct activity allocations
h. Profit Center assignments
i. Event-based posting within & outside Management Accounting
j. Commitment management

Day3 – Internal Orders
a. Overview
b. Master Data
c. Event-based Posting
d. Period closing of Internal Orders

Day4 – Planning, Budgeting & Availability Controls
a. Budgeting overview
b. Budget setup
c. Budget controls & reporting

Day5 – Period-Ending
a. Accrual calculation
b. Entering statistical key figures
c. Periodic reposting
d. Cost allocations
e. Reconciliation Ledger
f. Period Lock
g. Periodic debit posting
h. Periodic credit posting
i. Settlement: special subjects

Part-2: Product Cost Controlling
Day6 – Product Costing Planning
a. Planning Options in Overhead Management
b. Integrated Planning Cycle
c. Integration of Activity-based Costing
d. Overview of Product Cost Planning

Day7 – Material Cost Estimate
a. Reference & Simulation Costing
b. Material Cost Estimate without quantity structure
c. Material Cost Estimate with quantity structure

Day8 – Product Costing
a. Preparing for Product Cost Planning
b. Costing Run
c. Other costing functions

Part-3: Cost Object Controlling
Day09 – Cost Object Overview
a. Components of Cost Object Controlling
b. Sales Order-related scenarios

Day10 – Product Cost Controlling
a. Product Cost Controlling by Sales Order
b. Product Cost Controlling by Period

Day11 – Process Cost Controlling
a. Make-to-Order Production with controlling by Sales Order
b. Controlling by Sales Order without Production (Service)
c. Reporting in Cost Object Controlling

Part-4: Operating Concern (OPCON)
Day12 – OPCON Overview
a. Overview
b. Structure

Day13 – OPCON Master Data
a. Characteristic deviation
b. Valuation

Day14 – OPCON Actual Posting
a. Flow of actual data
b. Transfer of Overhead

Day15 – Summarization & Wrap-up
a. Linking all the knowledge gained
b. Finding the next track

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