Brand Building Tool-Kit training centre in Bangladesh


Brand Building Tool-Kit


Everybody thinks branding is important. Everybody loves to talk about brand building.

Unfortunately not many knows how to do it!

This training aims to fulfill that knowledge gap. While most Brand trainings focus on theory and jargons, “Brand Building Tool-Kit” will be a hands on, practical executive guide for understanding and utilizing brand strategy.

Why this training?
There are 3 things that make this training unique
1. The learning starts even before the training day. Keeping true to the promise of learning by doing, the attendees will get a pre-work e-mailed to them 3 days before the training, for which attendees will get to do real life research & analysis by visiting different shops
2. Every attendees will get specific 1-2-1 time where he can discuss topics and questions relevant to him
3. The attendees will get to analyze real life brand activities and co create brand campaigns


1.PowerpointPresentaion 2.Group Work 3.Group Presentation

Contents of Training:

Brand Marketing Myths
1. Common misconceptions about brand
2. So, you need brand building! First Question is “What is brand building”?
3. Understanding of brand positioning

Creating brand strategy
1. What is the starting point of brand building?
2. My business is doing good as it is. Do I still need further brand building?
3. Difference between good strategy and bad strategy
4. How to create a brand marketing plan?
5. How to differentiate from competitive offerings?

Conducting effective research
1. Why do we need research?
2. What are the different kinds of research and how to use them?
3. How to define who is my target audience?
4. What does “Consumer Insight” mean and why we need it?

Creating Value Proposition
1. How to create attractive value innovation that makes your consumer reach for your product?

10 Key brand lessons

Discussing the brand strategy and execution of multiple global and international brands and deriving 10 key do’s and dont’s

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