Advanced Digital Marketing training centre in Bangladesh


Advanced Digital Marketing


Everyone wants a piece of digital but no one really understands it.
Is there more to Digital Marketing besides badly managed Facebook page marketing?
The answer is a resounding “Yes”.
Yet in Dhaka somehow Digital Marketing is stuck in Facebook page management only.
This comprehensive 15 hour long conceptual and technical training aims to break that.
If you are looking for 1 good reason to enroll, here is 6.


1.PowerpointPresentaion 2.Group Work 3.Group Presentation

Contents of Training:

1. Having a detailed and thorough understanding of what Digital Marketing is and clarify different myths and misconceptions about Digital
a. Why digital is becoming such a big disruptive force?
b. What is Digital Marketing?
c. Evolution of Digital Landscape over time:
i. Digital 1.0: Website, E-mails, Blogs, SMS
ii. Digital 2.0: Social Media, Mobile Marketing, Google Search
d. Understanding and detailed discussion on 3 Key Digital Platform: Social Media, Search Engine Optimization and Mobile Marketing

2. Learning a lot of global tools, techniques and concepts that will help marketers harness the full power of Digital
a. MVP/Minimum Viable Product
b. Marketing / Customer Persona
c. JTBD/Jobs To be Done
d. Big Data Analytics
e. Digital as a measuring tool
f. Agile Values

3. Learn what other things apart from “Facebook Marketing” that Digital can do
a. 3 Key Roles of Digital
i. Digital as a Business Model
1. New Business models
2. E-commerce
3. Lean Analytics
4. The Long Tail
5. Omnichannel
6. Online-Offline collaboration
7. E-commerce
8. B-2-B implication of Digital

ii. Digital as a Consumer Engagement tool
1. What is a Micro moment?
2. The 4 key moments that makes or breaks your brand
3. See-Think-Do-Care Framework
4. The new consumer journey
5. The customer experience economy

iii. Digital as an Organization redesigning tool
1. The redefined role of Chief Executive Office
2. Emerging digital trends and which business is getting impacted
3. How organization needs to rethink the way they operate
4. 4 new business models
5. The new retailer-manufacturer-supplier relationship
6. The new sales information and planning process
7. 10 Types of Innovation as prescribed by Deloitte

4. Learn the different challenges that is stopping Digital Marketing to flourish in Bangladesh and how to overcome them
a. When Digital Fails:
i. Why so many apps fail
ii. Why Digital Marketing is synonymous to Facebook Marketing
iii. The trap of Facebook “likes”

b. Why Start Ups fail:
i. The curse of the “Passionate Entrepreneur”
ii. The Value Innovation gap
iii. The short sightedness of investors

c. The role of contents
i. Facebook page management: How to do it well

d. Why digital is only good at launching new things

e. The myth of viral content
i. What gets Viral?
ii. What is word of mouth?
iii. How to create buzz in digital landscape?

5. How to combine digital marketing concepts with traditional marketing concepts to get the full integrated benefits
a. Difference between Traditional vs Digital Marketing
b. What brand marketing skills are still needed to be a successful digital marketer

6. Keep updated on the latest trends in digital
a. Latest digital retail trends
b. Latest digital consumer trends

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Professionals working in the relevant area.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.