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Motion Graphics Design Basics with Adobe After Effects


This course focuses on motion graphics and animation from a design perspective and their applications in film, television, computer games, advertising and new media. Adobe After Effects is a powerful software tool for Visual Effects and Motion Graphics. You can use After Effects’ tools to create dynamic Designs for Broadcast, Business Presentation, TV Commercials, Web, DVD and Film etc.


Practical Work and Presentation

Contents of Training:

Session : 1
Lesson A. Getting to Know the Workflow
Lesson B. Creating a Basic Animation Using Effects and Presets

Session : 2
Lesson C. Animating Text
Lesson D. Animating a Multimedia Presentation

Session : 3
Lesson E. Animating Layers
Lesson F. Working with Masks

Session : 4
Lesson G. Keying
Lesson H. Performing Color Correction

Session : 5
Lesson I. Building and Animating, a 3D Object
Lesson J. Using 3D Effects

Session : 6
Lesson K. Advanced Editing Techniques
Lesson L. Rendering and Outputting

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