Powerful Analysis, Reporting and Presentations by MS Excel and PowerPoint 2013 training centre in Bangladesh


Powerful Analysis, Reporting and Presentations by MS Excel and PowerPoint 2013


Recent survey on global professional managers revealed that managers and executives having excellent spreadsheet (Microsoft Excel) and presentation (PowerPoint) skills grow up in career faster than other. Considering this finding, this course is designed for the professionals who want to be faster and better than any other in Microsoft Excel and smarter than any in making presentation using Microsoft PowerPoint.

At the end of this course, participants would be able to –

1. Get introduced to the fluent interface of Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint 2013
2. Identify and use various data formats and essential data analysis functions in Excel
3. Explore essential tools and functions for managing and extracting tabular data in Excel
4. Explore various graphical presentation tools in Excel including Pivot Table
5. Gain fundamental data entry, edit and design skills in Microsoft PowerPoint
6. Insert images, illustrations, text, symbols and media in your Presentations
7. Gain transition and animation skills in Microsoft PowerPoint
8. Link between Microsoft Excel and PowerPoint to develop automated reporting systems


The programme will be delivered using formal lectures combined with practical and interactive case studies and exercises. There will be a great emphasis on gaining practical experiences.

Contents of Training:

Session 01: Fluent Interface of Microsoft Office 2013
1.1 Quick Access Toolbars
1.2 Ribbons, Command Groups and Key Tip Badges
1.3 Backstage File Management
1.4 File Security and Options

Session 02: Excel Data Formats and Data Analysis Functions
2.1 Font and Alignment
2.2 Various Data Formats
2.3 Statistical Functions
2.4 Data Analysis Tool pack

Session 03: Large Tabular Data Management
3.1 Database Fundamentals – Fields, Records & Primary Key
3.2 Excel Table Format, Conditional Formatting and Filtering
3.3 Lookup and Reference Functions – Vlookup, Match, Index and Indirect
3.4 Application of Statistical functions with Lookup Functions

Session 04: Data Presentations in Excel
4.1 Create charts – column, line, bar and similar charts;
4.2 Create charts – pie, doughnut and radar charts
4.3 Pivot Tables in Excel 2013
4.4 Pivot Charts in Excel 2013

Session 05: PowerPoint – Data Entry, Edit and Design Skills
5.1 Create New Slides, Layout and Sections
5.2 Fonts and Font Effects
5.3 Page Setup and Slide Orientations
5.4 Design Themes, Colors, Fonts and Effects

Session 06: Objects and Illustrations
6.1 Insert Images, clipart, screenshots and photo albums
6.2 Insert shapes, SmartArt and charts
6.3 Insert texts and symbols
6.4 Insert audios and videos

Session 07: Transitions and Animations
7.1 Slide Transitions;
7.2 Transition timing and scopes;
7.3 Object Animations;
7.3 Advanced Animations, timing and scopes.

Session 08: Automated Reporting System
8.1 Techniques of creating link between Excel Data and Microsoft PowerPoint
8.2 Create automated report with Auto update features
8.3 Hyperlinking and Dashboards
8.4 Good presentation rules and tips

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