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Certificate Course on HR Management


Human resources management is vital to the financial health and productivity of all organizations. This important function provides the crucial link between management and employees in the public and private sector. This course provides an overview of basic human resource management functions: workplace law and regulations, human resource metrics and cost analysis, recruitment, total rewards, compensation and benefits, training and development, and organizational behavior.


PowerPoint Presentation, Case Study, Brainstorming, Discussion and Question answer Session

Contents of Training:

Session 1
• Introduction to Human Resource Management(HRM)
• Scope of Human Resource Management
• Significance of Human Resource Management
• Human Resource Management functions

Session 2
• Human Resource Management Model
• HRM Vs Personnel Management
• Human Resource Development
• Human Capital Management
• Talent Management

Session 3
• Benefits of Talent Management for a Company
• Knowledge Management
• About Human Resource Manager
• HRM environment
• Changing role of HRM

Session 4
• Job Analysis, Job Description and Job Specifications
• Recruitment Systems
• Selection Procedures
• Induction and Training
• Compensation
• Benefits and total Rewards

Session 5
• Documentation and termination
• Exist Interview and Retention policy
• Employee Discipline
• Employees motivation Tools
• Counseling and Guidance

Session 6
• Labor Laws
• Employee Relations
• Industrial Relations

Session 7
• Man Management Relations
• Record Keeping
• Personnel Records
• Occupational Health & Safety

Session 8
• Leadership Skills
• Work environment
• Leave & Absenteeism

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the course, participant will be able to:
• Explain the strategic contribution of human resource management to the total business enterprise
• Define HRM and understand the purpose and the range of activities associated with the area of Human Resource Management (HRM)
• Understand and differentiate between basic models of HRM
• Understand and analyze the strategic contribution of the HR function within an organization
• Differentiate among typical designs of HRM departments
• Summarize the responsibilities and roles of HRM personnel
• Understand the global context and its effects on HRM
• Examine a range of HR challenges faced by organizations and explain how the activities normally associated with HRM can address such issues.
• Explore HRM career options
• Characterize the basic human resource management functions including: workplace law and regulations; human resource metrics and cost analysis.

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