Microsoft Excel 2013 - Starter to Advance (with Case Studies) training centre in Bangladesh


Microsoft Excel 2013 - Starter to Advance (with Case Studies)


Microsoft Excel has more than 750 Million users worldwide. It’s an electronic spreadsheet and considered as most essential application in Microsoft Office package. The application provides an outstanding combination of functions and tools for working with quantitative data analysing, reporting and decision making. Scientist or Business Manager! Wherever you grow your career. You need Excel. It will give you job, make you essential at your job and bring you tremendous career success.

If you are a new comer in Excel or after all these years of random use of Excel you want to start back learning Excel systematically, this course is for you. This is a 16 Hours course that will build you the skills and level of confidence you need to succeed in your career.

What will you learn?
- Fundamentals of Quantitative Analysis, Database and Programming
- Essential Data Recording and Management Skills in Excel
- Numeric Data Analysis, Reporting and Presentations using Visuals
- Essential and Advanced Functions and Formulas
- Essential Office Skills – Page Layout, Printing, View, Sharing and Protection
- Advance templates, tools and applications
- Macros, Add-ins and Visual Basic Coding


The programme will be delivered using formal lectures combined with practical and interactive case studies and exercises. There will be a great emphasis on gaining practical experiences.

Contents of Training:

Introduction to Microsoft Excel 2013
Tabs, Ribbons and Commands
Accessing Commands with Keyboards
Backstage File Management

Options & Customization
Excel Options
Quick Access Toolbar
Menu Customization
View Tab

Data and Numbers
Data Entry Basics and Tips
Clipboard, Font and Alignment
Number and Styles
Cells and Editing

Looks and Prints
Themes, Colours, Fonts and Effects
Margin, Orientation and Page Size
Scale-to-fit and Shit Options
Printing Workbooks

Number Basics
Introduction to Quantitative Analysis
Fractions and Decimal
Percentages and Ratios

Algebra, Equations and Formulae
Introductory Definitions
Algebraic Notations
Solving Equations

Basic Business Applications
Currency & Exchange Rates
Discounts and Commission
Simple and Compound rates
Pay and Taxation

Excel Functions and Formulas
Defined Names
Formula Auditing
Calculation and Formula Protection

Data Management
Sorting and Filtering
Data Tools
External Data

Essential Functions
Function Library
Introduction to Statistics
Statistical Functions
Date and Time Functions

Advanced Functions
Introduction to Database
Vlookup Function
Match Function
Index Function

Advanced Functions II
Nested IF
IF with And
IF with OR

Data Presentation
Charts and Sparkline
Pivot Table
Pivot Charts

Creating Macros
Editing Macro Codes

Combo Box and List Box
Spin Button and Scroll Bar
Check Box, Options and Group

User Defined Functions
Modules in VB
Creating Functions
Saving Functions as Add-ins

Example Files
Practical Problem Solution

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Participants should be experienced users of Microsoft Excel. Logical reasoning and fundamental IT skills are essential to successfully achieve the outcomes of the course.