IT Integrated Finance & Accounting (Level 1) training centre in Bangladesh


IT Integrated Finance & Accounting (Level 1)


The main cause of crises in our academic education is absolute absence of work-based and career oriented approach to learning. Moreover, despite practical working environment had adopted information technology significantly, universities and other academic institutions had openly failed to integrate technology in their learning systems. As a result most of the graduate and postgraduate academic programs in our country are unable to create highly skilled and ready-to-work professionals.

This IT Integrated postgraduate course in Finance and Accounting is designed to provide clear and work-based concept of finance and accounting to the participants in an MBA style learning environment. The intended participants of this program are professionals working in finance and accounting without prior academic education on accounting and finance, professionals with finance and accounting graduations in need of integrating their knowledge with Information Technology and professionals from any other disciplines planning to switch to finance and accounting.

Learning Outcomes
Major learning outcomes of this program are:
(1) Conceptualize precise theories of Finance and Accounting that are needed in professional career;
(2) Apply concepts of Finance and Accounting in practical works;
(3) Integrate Finance and Accounting skills and concepts with Information Technology;
(4) Apply IT-Integrated Finance and Accounting Skills in wide range of professional job roles.


The programme will be delivered using formal lectures combined with practical and interactive case studies and exercises. There will be a great emphasis on gaining practical experiences.

Contents of Training:

ACC01 Financial Accounting
Financial Accounting Process – Application of Double Entry System (Journal to Financial Statements Approach)
Financial Statements Analysis for Decision Making
Company Financial Reports – Public and Private Limited
Project: Identify the Financial Accounting Technology Trend in Bangladesh
FIN01 Financial Management
Time Value of Money – Understand Interest Rate, Opportunity Cost, Money Value and Discounting
Capital Structure and Cost of Finance – Identify sources of finance and their costs
Capital Budgeting – Plan how to spend capital finance
Working Capital Management – Manager your Finance on Regular Basis

MIX01 Management Accounting
Costing and Pricing – Cost structure analysis, Profit Planning, and Value Creation
Activity Based Costing
Break Even Analysis and Budgeting
Project: Identify costs, break-even volume of a business and prepare production and other budgets.
COM02 – Financial English and Business Writing Skills
Understand use of English Language in Finance Career
Writing Tips
Practical Case: Write Business Letters and Emails

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