Professional Training on Bootstrap 4.1 with 3 Projects training centre in Bangladesh


Professional Training on Bootstrap 4.1 with 3 Projects


Now a days whole world goes to depend on online; people and all organization represents their Identityby their webpage and web design is a life time uses things to all. That’s why this course goes to bring a lotof information about your web page making and also helps to increase your ideas and planning with yourprofessional retouch in any kind of websites.

After this training, Participate will learn-

1. To build own website like professional look
2. Able to work in online & local market place
3. Able to start a business in online market place by making website design templates
4. General web designer can act like a professional web designer loudly


PowerPoint Presentation, Cheat sheets, Hands on Lab Practice, Brainstorming, Idea generating

Contents of Training:

• Introduction of Bootstrap
• Learn how to use Grid & Typography
• Learn how to use Card
• Learn how to use Table
• Learn how to use Form
• Learn how to use Modal
• Learn how to use Navs & Navbar
• Learn how to use Alert
• Learn how to user Carousel
• Learn how to user Collapse
• Project 1: Making One page website with ScrollSpy
• Project 2: Making Multipage website with Animated Header & Footer Bottom Positon
• Project 3: Making E-commerce website Template with others JS plug-ins
• Making a Admin Pane
• Extra Php mail() function to dynamic contact us page with Google Map
• Introducing with Online Freelancing and how to work in Local & Freelancing Market Place

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This course is intended for those people whose have basic web design knowledge (HTML, CSS3) and also have at least one website making experience.