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Applied Sales Techniques


‘Stop selling start closing’
This module is based on solid real life sales experience that sales person frequently face in daily competitive sales life. This interactive session will help to find out easiest way to close sales deal. This module will show ‘what to do and when it to do’ during sales. It’s an excellent combination of applied sales and theoretical approach.

After this training, Participate will learn
• Why prospect will buy same product from you leaving others?
• What to do when prospect says,'No, thanks we are happy with existing service'
• What to do when prospect says, 'I need to think about it'
• What to do when prospect says,'I think your price is too much'
• How to achieve distinctive capabilities in the competitive sales world.
• Factors influencing customer purchase behavior.
• How to maximize revenue in short time?
• Techniques how to handle a tough prospect.
• What is Strategic thinking in sale? How it works?
• How to be differentiated in a competitive sales world?
• Important DOs and DON’Ts in sales.
• What is Magnetism in sales and how it works?
• How to sales in a tough situation.


Applied sales approach, Power point presentation, Group exercise, interactive lecture, Discussion & Practical Session, roll playing, Q & A session.

Contents of Training:

Session 1
• Basics of Sales.
• Sales Channels.
• Strategic sales.
• Strategic selling strategy.
• You want to be.
• Never give up.
• Quality of strategic sales person.

Session 2
• LIAR theory is practical sales.
• Customer relation.
• How to make relationship with customer and how to make it everlasting?
• DOs and DON’Ts in customer relation.
• Influence to influencer.

Session 3
• How to make own customer?
• Relationship and trust in sales.
• Why people buy from you?
• How to become trust worth to prospect?
• What happen when target is not achieved?

Session 4
• How to remove resistance to close sales deal?
• The MT.NUT method to conquer a sale. How it impacts in real life sales?

Session 5
• Faster revenue growing matrix. How it works in real life sales?

Session 6
• Real strategic selling approach in details with applied tactics.

Session 7
• Price vs. Cost.
• How to sale similar products?
• What is value?
• Value vs. Price selling.
• Price Vs. Cost Vs. Value.
• Assessment of value.
• How all the these impact in real life sales

Session 8
• Prospect says, “I want to think about it” what you will do.
• Prospect Says, “No, thank you actually we are happy with existing service” what you will do ?
• Prospect Says, “I think your price is too much “what you will do?
• Prospects Says, “I think this is not original “what would be your approach.

Session 9
• How to convert high volume sales?
• KYC and KYCP.
• What is happening in real time sales?

Session 10
• What is Magnetism? How it works in sales?
• Internal Enemy.
• Changing world.

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All entry and midlevel sales professionals who are directly and indirectly involve in company’s sales process. Fresh graduates or post graduates i.e. BBA, MBA or non-business graduates who intend to join sales also can participate. However, entrepreneur/self -employed also can join this session since this module has been prepared based on real life sales approach.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.