Cost Containment Strategies Certificate Course training centre in Bangladesh


Cost Containment Strategies Certificate Course


You'll learn how to effectively inspect a vehicle, purchase wisely, negotiate warranties, and select auto part suppliers, manufacturers and how to ensure maximize productivity with limited resources. You'll gain an in-depth knowledge of today's management fleet systems. You'll learn how to reduce costs on preventive maintenance, and how to properly analyze failures when they occur - and much more.

Course Benefits:

Create effective staff schedules for driver and reduce staff over time.
1. Operating Cost savings Quantified
2. Monitoring and evaluating contractor performance
3. Recycling/Greeting initiatives!
4. Effective staff schedules (drivers, dispatchers and mechanics)
5. Develop a systematic method to evaluate new products;
6. Find out how to maximize warranty recovery;
7. Discover the common pitfalls in laying out a new shop;
8. Learn how set objective and effective goals.
9. Asset management process
10. Fuel consumption control



Contents of Training:

Vehicle Specifications:
Developing vehicle specifications; evaluating component; using mission simulations to predict performance.

selecting vendors, negotiating terms; evaluating parts quality and warranty.

vehicle warranties, extended coverage’s; federally required coverage; policy adjustments; negotiation.

Effective scheduling:
To reduce employee’s overtime and to comply with company policies and objectives.

Advanced Budgeting and Financial Statements:
Propose budgets; calculate cost; communicating with the finance department.

Failure Analysis and Preventive Maintenance:
Develop your own preventive maintenance program and prevent recurrent repairs through failure analysis.

Diesel and Alternative Fuels:
Discuss pros and cons of developing alternatives for diesel power.

Shop Audits:
Evaluating all aspects of the maintenance program.

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