MS Excel for RMG Professionals training centre in Bangladesh


MS Excel for RMG Professionals


In Bangladesh, there is a lot of vacancy in garments industry. Expertise in computer knowledge is mandatory for the progression in future. Most of the person in this sector have sound knowledge regarding their working sector but they do not have appropriate knowledge on computer; i,e; excel. The training based on excel will give them the chance to cope up with their working arena through proving them compatible which will help to increase their confidence level. They will get some excel formula along with solution which is very useful in job sector. It will help them to gather some practical knowledge and enrich their skill through sharing capabilities for future.


Interactive Lecture, PowerPoint Presentation, Group Discussion.

Contents of Training:

Chapter 1

1. Create excel file
2. File Rename
3. Save As
4. Case
5. Word Separation & Joining
6. Zoom
7. Header / Footer
8. Short Cut Key
9. 1 sheet to another sheet without using mouse
10. 1 file to another file without using mouse
11. Date Formula
12. Format Painter
Chapter 2

13. Conditional Formatting
14. Paste Special
15. Protection
16. Uses of $
17. Data Analysis
18. Errors (Why When How)
19. Subtotals
Chapter 3

20. Formula
i) Sum
ii) Average
iii) Count
iv) Max
v) Min
vi) If
vii) Sumif
viii) Countif
ix) Vlookup
x) Round formula & 8 Uses
Chapter 4

21. Graph (Pie, Column, Line, Bar)
22. Pivot Table
23. Speak Cell
24. Macro
25. Efficiency Formula
26. Earn Min Formula
27. Work Min Formula
28. CM Formula
29. Capacity Study formula
30. Target Formula
31. SMV Formula
32. Etc & many more

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Anyone who want to learn about excel. Specially Garments Related Person
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.