Web Design & Development with Real-Life Project training centre in Bangladesh


Web Design & Development with Real-Life Project

  • Date : 22 March - 13 July 2019
  • Duration : Evening(6:30 pm-9:30 pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 34 sessions
  • Class Schedule : Friday and Saturday
  • Total Hours : 102
  • Last Date of Registration : 21 March, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.


Learn to design and develop responsive and SEO friendly website. The main objective of this course is to ready them for job market who wants to make their carrier in the world of web. Now a day’s maximum software company cannot recruitment trainee developer. They want ready developer so that they can directly move on production. By thinking of this current job market demand this course is organized. After successfully complete these course, trainee will be able to design & develop any kind of dynamic website & small web application with maintain a standard.



Contents of Training:

Module One: HTML-5

Total Class No: 2 Day-1:

Web History

Introduction to HTML

HTML Basic Structure

HTML Table


HTML Typography
HTML Form:

Module Two: CSS-3

Total Class No: 3
Introduction to CSS

CSS Basic Syntax

CSS BOX Modeling


CSS Grid System

CSS Media Quires

Responsive CSS Menu


CSS Image Gallery

CSS Slider

Static Website Design Using HTML & CSS

Module Three: JavaScript
Total Class: 3

Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript Basic Syntax

JavaScript Variable

JavaScript Operator Part One


JavaScript Operator Part Two

JavaScript Statement


JavaScript Array

avaScript Function

JavaScript JSON Object

Responsive Menu with CSS & JS

Slider with CSS & JS

Module Four: Bootstrap-4
Total Class: 2

Introduction to Bootstrap

Bootstrap Layout

Bootstrap Typography

Bootstrap Button

Bootstrap Menu


Bootstrap Slider

Bootstrap Card

Bootstrap Modal

Bootstrap Nav Tabs & Nav Pills

Module Five: JQuery & Ajax
Total Class: 3

Introduction to JQuery

JQuery Basic Syntax

JQuery Selector

JQuery Owl Carousel

JQuery Isotope Plugin

JQuery Image Gallery

JQuery Slider

JQuery Form Validation


Client & Server Request

Introduction to Ajax

XMLHttpRequest & ActiveXObject Library

Ajax Process

Module Six: Object Oriented PHP
Total Class: 5

Introduction to Server Side Technology

Introduction to PHP

PHP Server Environment

PHP Basic Syntax


PHP Variable

PHP Operator

PHP Statement


PHP Array

PHP Function

Introduction to Object Oriented Object Oriented Programming


Basic Syntax of OOP (class, object, property, method, encapsulation, inheritance, namespace, trait, abstract class, interface)


PHP Project Structure


PHP Global Array

Programming with PHP

Module Seven: MySQL
Total Class: 4

Introduction Database Server

Introduction to MySQL Database Server

CRUD Operation in MySQL
. .Day-20:

.CRUD Operation with user input Part One
. .Day-21:

.CRUD Operation with user input Part Two
. .Day-22:

.Introduction to Session
.Secure Login Panel
. Module Eight: Laravel Framework
Total Class: 6

Introduction to PHP Framework

Introduction to Laravel Framework

Introduction to MVC

Laravel Framework Installation

Project Directory


Request Lifecycle

Controller & Model & View in Laravel

Mastering with Laravel Framework


Introduction to Laravel Auth Class

Introduction to Migration in Laravel

Auth Class Installation & Structure


Laravel Factory Faker & Seed

CRUD Operation


Introduction to Middleware

Introduction to App Service Provider

Introduction to Package in Laravel

Laravel Collective & Intervention Package

Module Nine: Project Work
Total Class: 5

Introduction to SDLC

Create an Ecommerce site front End & Admin


Manage Category

Manage Brand

Manage Product


Manage Product in front end

Manage Category & Brand wise product

Manage Product Details

Introduction to Shopping Cart


Manage Cart

Manage Checkout

Place an Order


Manage Order

Manage Invoice
Module Ten: VueJS
Total Class: 2

Introduction to front end JavaScript Framework

Introduction to VueJS

VueJS Basic Syntax

Two Way Data Binding

VueJS Directives


Introduction to Vue CLI

Install VueJS with Vue CLI

Introduction to single file component

Introduction to Package in VueJS

Vue Resource Package

Communication between Vue & Laravel

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Anyone can attend this course. But we think this course is for them who -  Want to make carrier in web design & development  Must have a personal computer  At least have 3-hour practice time every day (excluding class time)

Resource Person

Habibur Rahman

Md. Habib is a Software & Training Specialist, having more than 8 years of experience in IT Industry. He is a responsive & SEO friendly web designer & developer. He has worked with various reputed software companies in Bangladesh.
He has completed his Graduation on CSE from Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology (AUST). He has over 5 years of experience in a reputed software firm as a Software Developer. He is currently serving as a Project Manager in AMADER IT. Besides this, he is a Part-time Trainer of Web Design & Development in BASIS Institute of Technology & Management (BITM). He has successfully completed more than 100th batch in BITM. He is also a Trainer of Pencilbox Training & Consultancy firm. He has completed a few batches with Bdjobs Training under Govt. LICT project. He has been a reputed trainer for several years on subjects like Object Oriented Programming, Object Oriented PHP, PHP Framework Code igniter, Laravel JavaScript progressive framework VueJS.