Career Booster for Sales and Marketing Professional training centre in Bangladesh


Career Booster for Sales and Marketing Professional


Training on “Career Booster for Sales Professional” is a training for participants to enhance the skill level of individual that makes the person a proven performer in his/her current organization and also makes participants ready to make a career move with higher rank, incremental salary and benefits or both.

It is like two-in-one. After completion of the training you will come to know the skill set to become successful in your current organization. You will also come to know what is the best time to switch job. And what is the best way to find your dream job.

This workshop has been designed for sales professionals who wish to become successful in his current organization. It will help participants who has ambition to reach at top level of the company. It will make participants to get more promotions at workplace or good jump in career by switching jobs. It will guide the deserving participants thorough a process in finding a job in MNCs or big corporates.

At the end of this training program, participants will be able to:

# Build a strong image of yourself in your organization
# Master yourself and outperform others by gaining deep knowledge of your own area
# Know the ways to approach a recruiter
# Know the tips and tricks on CV and Cover Letter Writing
# Know how big the job market is
# See industry wise top MNCs
# Prepare for the interview in details
# Guide yourself at your bad time in your organization


• Activity based real life demonstration, related audio-video visuals, interactive & practical orientation.
• Experience Sharing
• Exercise and Drill

Contents of Training:

1. Grow your image at workplace,

2. Subject matter knowledge
b. PC
d. Call Productivity/Strike Rate
e. Value Productivity
g. HE/ND
h. WD
i. Market Share
j. ROI

3. Role of a TSO/TSM
a. Role profile of TSO/TSM
b. TSM`s Daily tasks
c. Ideal Kick of Meeting
d. Market Visit Objective of TSM/TSO, ASM/RSM
e. MIT (Market Impact Team)
f. Distribution point visit objective
g. Market visit checklist

4. Role of ASM/RSM

5. What to do when high officials visit your market

6. Ways to drive passive/indirect distribution

7. Creating a high performing team
a. Follow Up Regular Meeting with Sales Team
b. Making your team accountable for their work. Importance of Review Meeting.
c. What to teach your SRs. How to teach your SR.
d. Team Building Exercise
e. Different ways and approaches to drive sales

8. Effective Team Management (SRs)
a. Ways to recruit best quality Sales Representative
b. Retaining of your team members (Skill vs Will Matrix and Performance Potential Matrix)

9. Effective DB Management
a. Distributor Recruitment process
b. Distributor Termination Process and Case File
c. What does return of investment (ROI) mean?
d. ROI Calculation & health check of your distributors
e. Damage Control

10. When it is time to seek for opportunities outside of your organization

11. Ways to find a relevant job
a. steps you can take to find a new job
b. Find the Best Job Listings
c. List of potential employer; industry wise key players
d. Keep Your Job Search Focused

12. Ways to approach a recruiter
a. Ways to approach a potential employer
b. Ice Breaking session
c. Ways to Do Direct Approach
d. Peer Reference
e. Job Search Apps and Tools
f. Networking with Recruiting Agency/Head Hunt Organization

13. Building Your Professional Brand
a. Ideal Career Objective/Choice/ Finding your purpose

14. Approaching directly to a potential employer
a. Cold Calling
b. Power of Networking

15. Use of Social Media
a. Do`s and Don`ts in social media like In and FB and other social media sites
b. Using YouTube on your purpose

16. Why circular don`t play a role that much and then why recruiter give circular many a times

17. Taking Interview Preparation
a. When you get an interview call
b. Taking Interview Preparation and a better way to sell your self
c. Exercises
d. Most frequently asked questions (FAQ)
e. Answer to those questions (FAQ) the way recruiters love to hear them
f. How much salary to demand?
g. What to ask the recruiter at the end of the interview
h. Personal Appearance/Personal Hygiene during the interview

18. Handling Critical Situation at workplace
a. What is probation period?
b. Implications of appointment letter.
c. Difference between permanent employee & probationary employee
d. Performance Development review.
e. Termination during probation period
f. Termination during sick leave.
g. Termination of a permanent employee
h. Joint discussion on separation
i. Show Cause Letter
j. Answering to Show Cause Letter

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Entry level to mid-level sales and marketing professionals who have ambition to reach at top level of the company.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.