HR Accounting: Concept of Human Capital Management training centre in Bangladesh


HR Accounting: Concept of Human Capital Management


The demand for accountability among all business functions has never been greater. Recent events show how vital decisions are about human resources in an increasingly uncertain and interconnected world. A key responsibility of organization leaders, human resource (HR) leaders, and consultants is to articulate the logical connections between progressive HR practices and firm performance, and they need to demonstrate those connections with data. This book provides logic and technology to look inside the “black box” between HR practices and financial/business performance.

Investing in people should be as systematic as investing in any other vital resource, based on logical frameworks and focused on optimization, not simply on reducing costs or mimicking best practices. This argues against the common “peanut-butter” approach to talent investments that spreads the same investments (for example, in training or staffing programs) over the entire organization, in an effort to be fair by being equal. Such approaches engender justifiable skepticism from leaders and employees who are asked to invest in programs or activities because HR—or even the CEO—says that everyone must do it.” That approach is in stark contrast to other resources, such as customers and technology, where investments are targeted where they have the greatest effect. Why not make greater talent investments where they matter most? This “decision science” approach provides the foundation for the techniques we present here.

Objective of the Program:

After successful completion of the Program participants will be able to:
1. Calculate the Investment in Human Resources
2. Understand about the concept of Human Resource Accounting
3. Calculate the Cost & Benefit of Human Resource Initiative
4. Conversant on different Models & Methods of HR Accounting
5. Conversant in Human Capital Factor
6. Analyse the HR Accounting Data for decision making purpose
7. Relate HR Accounting data analysis for Business Decisions


Case Study
Role Play/ Simulation
Lecture Discussion and
Sharing/ Participatory

Contents of Training:

Module-1: HR Accounting: History, Concept & Practice
# Development of the concept of Human Resource Accounting
# Historical Score Card of Human Resource Accounting
# Meaning and Definition of Human Resource Accounting
# Importance of Human Resource Accounting
# Objectives of Hunan Resources Accounting
# Limitations of Human Resource Accounting

Module-2: Calculation of Cost & Benefit of HR initiative
# Calculation of Acquisition Cost
# Calculation of Training & Development Cost
# ROI of Training
# Employee Absenteeism
# Calculation of Separation Cost

Module-3: HR Budgeting
# Mathematical Calculation for HR Demand
# Calculation of Cost to Company
# Different Heads for HR Budgeting

Module-4: Valuation of Human Asset
# Valuation of Human Assets
# Types of human assets
# Methods of valuation of human assets
# Cost Based Approach Method:
# Monetary Value based Approach Method:
# Non-Monetary Value based Approach Method:

Module-5: HR Accounting for Decisions Making
# Human Resource Accounting for Management
# Different comparative analysis regarding HR Cost vs Business Cost
o Cost per hire
o Absent Rate
o Turnover Rate
o Per capita income
o Per capita expenses
o ROI per person
o Utilization %
o Compensation per taka profit
o HR Planning & Staffing
# Measuring ROI of Human Resources

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