L/C Management Training for Procurement, Commercial and Supply Chain Professionals training centre in Bangladesh


L/C Management Training for Procurement, Commercial and Supply Chain Professionals

  • Date : 24 - 25 May 2019
  • Duration : Day(10 am-4 pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 2 Days Long
  • Last Date of Registration : 22 May, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.
  • 10% OFF at bKash or Online Payment (Certificate, Handbook and Ifftar Box Included)


The course LC Management for Procurement, Commercial and Supply Chain Professionals is designed and articulated to sharpen participant’s knowledge and skills in doing and handling Export –Import business efficiently and successfully.

Step by step process and procedures have been described as participants can gather knowledge easily and implement the training result in the real life business/operations. This course is planned such a way that within a short period of time the participants can sharpen their knowledge in LC Planning LC Types, Procedure& Management, L/C financing ,Risk and Insurance Management ,LC Performance Management in International Business. Precipitants will be truly benefited just walk away from the training room and also they will get a profitable & prestigious career progression either in job or business.

Export –Import business is one of the hot industries of the new millennium. Export –Import business becomes more and more rewarding, both in terms of profit and personal satisfaction.

But the Export-Import field is not the sole purview of the conglomerate corporate trader, the big guys make up only about few percent of all exporters. Which means that the other major percent of exporters--the lion's share are small outfits like yours will be--when you're new, at least.

In international business major and safest mode of payment is L/C. For importing, we need to open the import L/C. For export you need to receive Export L/C for successful business deal. L/C has certain rules and procedure to manage. As per Bangladesh Import policy importer must open the L/C to import the goods (exceptions applied in some cases). Either for Import L/C or export L/C , technical knowledge on L/C rules and procedure, its possible financing and necessary risk management through insurance coverage is required. Due to mismanagement of those aspects, companies may fall in deep hassle and incur huge loss in Business.

If the goods you need for your business are unavailable in this country or cost less in others, then you may want to import them. Importing commercial goods into Bangladesh is a regulated activity. The Chief Controller of Import and Export authority is the government organization that enforces import regulations.

Course Objective:
• Explain the main concept of L/C Types, L/C Financing/C Management, and IMPORT through L/C and EXPORT through L/C, Risk and Insurance Management under International business.
• It aims to provide participants foundational and advanced knowledge on how to tackle, resolve, and manage myriad complex problems and issues that confront Export-Import managers.
• The purpose of the course is to recognize the right and complete process and procedure of Export-Import Business through L/C. • Strengthening the Capacity of the professional involves in Export-Import as they can find out GAP and minimize cost
• Export the products and services with irrevocable L/C to the right places in right time and satisfy the customer
• Import the products and services with irrevocable L/C from the right places in right time and satisfy the customer.


Lecture & discussion, Power Point Presentation, Peer learning, Group work and presentation, Experience sharing, Role play,Buzz and simulation games, Case study exercises, Video clip

Contents of Training:

-Role of GDP Size and Growth in International Business
-Import Business Overview
-Export Business Overview
-LC Planning for International Procurement and Sales
-LC Management (What is Letter of Credit?)
-Mechanism of L/C
-Various Types of Letter of Credit
-UCPDC-600/UCP 600
-Irrevocable L/C
-Back to Back L/C
-Transferrable L/C
-Other types of L/C
-LC Limit Arrangement
-LC Commission and related cost of LC
-Calculation of LC related cost
-Parties involved in the L/C
- L/C work process
-Documents for L/C opening/L/C opening procedure
-LC Margin arrangement
-L/C Clauses and Practical exercise on L/C
-How to amend the L/C
-Role of Draft LC
-L/C Transmission through SWIFT
-L/C Amendment
-Landed Cost Calculation
-Life Cycle Cost calculation
-Import without L/C
-Advantages and disadvantages of L/C
-Selection of Perfect H.S Code
-Role of Different Banks in International Business
-Procedure for Add confirmation by L/C issuing Bank on L/C
-Proforma Invoice (P/I)
-Sales Contract
-Make or Buy calculation
-Export Cost Calculation
-Credit report collection through Bank
-Shipping documents
-Preparing the Export documents
- Offshore Banking
-Negotiable & Non-negotiable documents
-Insurance cover note & policy
-Claim settlement
-Export LC financing
-Customs Procedure for Import and Export
-Bill of Entry/ Export
-Discounting of Bills
-Performance Management of L/C related activities in Procurement and International sales
-WRAP UP and Closing Ceremony

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The business owners or individuals are interested to start export-import business , business graduates & engineering students, professional engaged in Export, Import, Procurement, Logistics, Supply Chain, Distribution ,Shipping, Freight Forwarding ,C&F, Indenting, Agency Business, Customs, Courier ,Training, Finance & Accounts, International Trade and many more learning minded people those are involved in Private Sector, Public sector and Nonprofit organizations (NGOs)
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

Resource Person

Md. Arif Khan, M.Com, MBA, PGDIM, INT.DIPLOMA-SCM-(P), Switzerland

Md. Arif Khan is a professional Consultant (Business, Learning & Career) of Sullivan Consulting and Learning services and Chief Supply Chain Officer of FMS Group (Supply Chain, Commercial& Marketing).
Mr. Khan is a certified Trainer of WTO/UNCTAD/ITC -Switzerland and CIPS-UK on Supply Chain Management. Mr. Khan has earned his postgraduate degrees on M.Com (Management),PGD(Industrial Management),MBA(Marketing & International Business),International .Diploma (Purchasing and Supply Chain Management ),ITC-Switzerland. Mr. Khan is senior Trainer of DCCI Business Institute on Supply Chain Management since 2006. He is also conducting training in leading Corporate, Training organizations and Institutes in Bangladesh . He was awarded as Top teaching award while worked in a cross cultural environment at INTI International University –Malaysia. Mr. Khan has also conducted and facilitated several Trainings, Workshops, Seminars and Trade Fairs while worked at UNDP, INTI and BRAC.
Early 90’s he had started his career with Navana Industries Ltd. as Executive (Import-Export-Industries Division), Mr. Khan also worked at Apex-Adelchi Footwear Ltd., as Commercial Manager(Import-Export-Industries Division) ,at Integra Communications Ltd., as Head of Supply Chain and Corporate Affairs, at UNDP as Specialist(Marketing &Business Development), at AMS Group as CEO (Supply Chain, Commercial, Marketing),at INTI International University-Malaysia as Senior Faculty (Business& Marketing), at Brac as Faculty Coordinator (Business &Enterprises).

Lecture & discussion, Power Point Presentation, Peer learning, Group work and presentation, Experience sharing, Role play,Buzz and simulation games, Case study exercises, Video clip