Salesmanship Master class training centre in Bangladesh


Salesmanship Master class

  • Date : 06 - 18 June 2019
  • Duration : Evening(6.30 pm-9.30 pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 4 Sessions
  • Class Schedule : Tuesday and Thursday
  • Total Hours : 12
  • Last Date of Registration : 5 June, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.


Selling is a great profession. However, it is a profession to which many are called and for which few are chosen. What exactly does that mean? There are lots of salespeople. However, there are very few real sales professionals—people who are well compensated, deliver great value to their customers, and experience long-term career success year after year.
Sales is a science that, when practiced correctly, becomes an art form. However, not everyone has the talent to be a great artist. Unfortunately, the same is true for sales. Successful selling requires work, study, diligent practice, and endless hours of work.
The unanswered question is simply this: how hard are you willing to work? No strategy, tactic, technique, or principle will work unless you work. The challenge is yours.However, here’s the real secret you may learn from these workshop.
Whether you are a rookie salesperson or a seasoned professional, there are ideas, concepts, strategies, or tools in this workshop that will help you propel your career to the next level.
Whether you sell small- or big-ticket items, a product or a service, business to business or business to consumer, there are hundreds of ideas in this workshop that can prove to be invaluable to your sales career.
But action is important. Don’t take the ideas and just think about them. Take them to the field and apply them. Sales strategies are things to be used daily—to be tested, modified, adapted, or changed as needed in order to make them fit your unique situation.


Case Study
Role Play/ Simulation
Lecture Discussion and
Sharing/ Participatory

Contents of Training:

After successful completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

1. Well conversant about modern sales techniques and strategy
2. Apply all strategies into Action
3. Plan for a successful sales call
4. Close the call with positive response
5. Emotionally intelligent for better success in sales
6. Competent as per the Competency Framework for Sales Professionals
After successful completion of the course, the participants will be able to:

1. Well conversant about modern sales techniques and strategy
2. Apply all strategies into Action
3. Plan for a successful sales call
4. Close the call with positive response
5. Emotionally intelligent for better success in sales
6. Competent as per the Competency Framework for Sales Professionals

21st Century Selling
• The 20 Biggest Errors in Selling
• The Seven Universal Rules for Sales Success
• Sales as a Profession and Where You Fit In

Professional Selling: The Insider Secrets
• Selling’s biggest Success Secret
• The Five Characteristics of Qualified Prospects
• The Two Most Essential Components of Professional Selling
• The Importance of a Consistent Sales Approach
• The Six Principles That Can Guide Your Sales Career

World Class Sales Competencies
• ASTD World class Sales Competency Model
• Six Ps Customer Formula
• Sales effectiveness assessment
• Sales Manager Skill Assessment

Focus, Alignment, and Leverage
• Clarify Your Focus
• Build Your Sales Philosophy
• Leverage Your Time, Talent, Resources, and Advantage
• Your Personal Sales Talent Audit

The Investigate Step (Part 1)—Positioning
• The Power of Personal Positioning
• 10 Ways to Better Positioning
• Six Ways to Misposition Yourself
• How to Position Yourself as an Expert

The Investigate Step (Part 2)—Prospecting
• The Three Most Essential Prospecting Principles
• Six Ways to Stay Organized
• Approaching Your Prospects

The Investigate Step (Part 3)—Pre-Call Planning

• Developing Internal Support
• Your Prospect’s Internal Support Team
• Mentally Prepare
• Physically Prepare
• Preparation: Positioning, Prospecting, and
• Pre-Call Planning

The Meet Step: Engaging Your Prospect Face to Face
• Engaging Your Customers
• Maximizing Trust
• Putting It All Together
• Building a Bridge
• How to Cross the Bridge

The Probe Step: Asking Questions That Make the Sale
• Avoid the Fatal Flaw
• How to Discover What Your Prospect Will Buy
• It’s All About Solving Challenges
• How Do Your Features and Benefits Stack Up?
• Needs-Based Questions
• Objection-Based Questions

The Apply Step: Making Your Product or Service Solve Problems

• Application-Based Selling vs. Demonstration-Based Selling
• Four Pointers That Guarantee Sales
• Four Proven Ways to Make a Better Presentation
• How to Present Your Price and Get It
• Price Pitfalls

The Convince Step: Making Your Prospect Believe
• Sales Is a Worthy Profession
• What People Believe Enough, They Act Upon
• Prove Your Claims
• Bring Your Own Witnesses
• Justify Your Price
• Relieve Your Prospect’s Fear of Buying

The Tie-It-Up Step: Concluding and Closing
• Tie up the Sale, Not the Customer
• Reinforce and Cement the Sale 163

How to Build and Sustain Sales Momentum

• Motivation, Resilience, and Optimism
• The 10 Essential Success Truths in Professional Selling

Becoming a power seller
• Becoming the Power Seller You Want to Be
• Getting in Step with Your Customer
• Teaming Up for Success with Personal Partnering
• Embracing Change as a Growth Strategy
• Branding Yourself through Shameless Self-Promotion
• Putting the Latest Technologies to Work for You
• Tapping the Power of Word-of-Mouth: Advertising through Social Networking

Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success
• Closing the Knowing & Doing GAP
• The Art and Neuroscience of Sales: The New way to influence
• Emotional Intelligence & the Sales Process
• Likability: People Buy from People they Like
• Reaching Decision Makers: How to better connect and meet
• The Key traits of Emotionally Intelligent Sales Culture

• Sales Leadership & Emotional Intelligence

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Salesmen, Sales Person, Sales team or any one who is interested to build career in sales

Resource Person

Rupak Nasrullah Zaidi

Trainer, OD & HR Practitioner, Business & Management Consultant

Mr. Zaidi is Training, Organization Development and HR specialist having more than 17 years’ experience in different industry. He is a Business Process Reengineering Consultant. He is a senior Fellow of Management & Strategy Institute – USA. He has exposure as KPI consultant at home and abroad. He has completed Masters in HRM under the University of Dhaka. He received World Training & Development Leadership Award in 2016. He is Member of KPI Institute Australia. He is a certified Lean Office Professional. He is a Professional International Member of Association for Talent Development [ATD, largest association for training & development worldwide], a member of Certified Professional Trainer Network [CPTN] - Canada & certified Trainer from City & Gild– UK. He is also member of American Management Association (AMA) and Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) USA. He is also a Management Consultant accredited by Institute of Management Consultant Bangladesh. Mr. Zaidi attended as speakers in International Conferences in Singapore, India and Nepal. He also presented papers in different National and International Conferences. He is also guest faculty for leading Private Universities in Bangladesh.

He has conducted training in different organization on different soft and hard skill. He is an expert trainer in HR, Operational Excellence, Office Kaizen, Office ‘5 S’, Lean Office, Salesmanship, Organization Development, Organizational Leadership, Team Building, Change management, Negotiation, Customer Service and other soft skills. He has also exposures in Management Consulting. He did consultancy for more than 15 organizations regarding their HR & Compliance Audit. He also did management consultancy for organization restructuring and development, HR Auditing, HR Setup. He also runs Assessment Center for different organization. He is an HR Auditor and also a good motivational speaker. He worked on Training with renowned multinational, national, group of companies on different topics.

He has contributed in the HR Development in the country through his research based studies, knowledge sharing sessions, analytical paper preparation, information based module and material preparation and sharing. He is now servicing in Power Grid Company of Bangladesh Ltd. as DGM-HR. He is the Secretary General of Professional Society for Bangladesh [PSB]. He is the fellow member of Bangladesh Society for Human Resources management [BSHRM], member of Worldwide Trainers Forum.

Mr. Zaidi has rendered Consultancy Service for Business Process Reengineering, Setting KPI, designing effective Performance Management System, Running Assessment Centre, Organization Restructuring, HR Audit, Process Development, Competency Mapping for Human Resources, Organization Development, for more than 30 organizations at home and abroad. He is an expert Performance Coach for different functions. He has conducted training in different countries including Singapore, Malaysia, India, Nepal, Bangladesh.

Case Study
Role Play/ Simulation
Lecture Discussion and
Sharing/ Participatory