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Advanced Microsoft Excel Certificate Course


Microsoft Excel is one of the most widely used tools for organizing, analyzing, modelling, and visualizing data. Proficiency with Microsoft Excel is a highly desired skill-set in today`s complex business environment, one that can position you way ahead of your peers. By this course, you`ll learn how to design sophisticated spreadsheets from scratch and perform complex calculations using advanced Excel features and techniques. It`ll enable you to solve a broad range of real-time business problems and help you propel your career forward.

How Participant will be Benefited

After completing this Advanced Excel course, you`ll find yourself competent using Microsoft Excel. This advanced excel certification course will help you:

 Master Excel Functions and Formulas that save time and increases productivity
 Cut hours of labor by using Pivot tables to analyze data
 Discover new tools to share your work
 Find new and more efficient ways to analyze data
 Tricks to produce professional charts and graphs
 Include diagrams in marketing reports and sales presentations to boost sales and readability
 Find new ways to visualize data
 Reduce workload each month by automating repetitive tasks by using macros
 Import data using Power Pivot
 Many useful tips & tricks


Hands on Training with Practical using of different tools with real life example

Contents of Training:

** Section 01 : Manage and Share Workbooks

1) Manage Multiple Workbooks
a) Modifying existing templates
b) Merging multiple workbooks
c) Managing versions of a workbook
d) Copying styles from template to template
e) Linking to external data

2) Prepare a Workbook for Review
a) Setting tracking options
b) Limiting editors
c) Opening workspaces
d) Restricting editing
e) Controlling recalculation
f) Protecting worksheet structure
g) Marking as final
h) Removing workbook metadata
i) Encrypting workbooks with a password

3) Manage Workbook Changes
a) Modifying Page setup
b) Changing Document Themes
c) Inserting Simple Headers & Footers
d) Inserting Watermarks & Page number
e) Print Magic!!! Print Titles
f) Managing comments

** Section 02 : Custom Formats and Layouts

4) Custom Data Formats
a) Creating custom formats (Number, Time, Date)
b) Creating custom accounting formats
c) Using advanced Fill Series options

5) Advanced Conditional Formatting and Filtering
a) Writing custom conditional formats
b) Using functions to format cells
c) Creating advanced filters
d) Managing conditional formatting rules

6) Custom Styles and Templates
a) Creating custom color formats
b) Creating and modifying cell styles
c) Creating and modifying custom templates

** Section 03 : Advanced Formulas

7) Functions in Formulas
a) IF function in conjunction with other functions b) Utilizing AND/OR functions
c) Utilizing nested functions

8) Look up Data with Functions
a) Utilizing the LOOKUP function
b) Utilizing the VLOOKUP function
c) Utilizing the HLOOKUP function
d) Utilizing the TRANSPOSE function
e) Utilizing Index & Match function

9) Advanced Date and Time Functions
a) Utilizing the NOW functions
b) Utilizing the TODAY functions

10) Create Scenarios
a) Utilizing the watch window
b) Consolidating data
c) Utilizing What If analysis tools including Goal Seek
d) Utilizing the Scenario Manager

** Section 04 : Advanced Charts, Pivot Tables & Macro`s

11) Advanced Chart Elements
a) Adding trend lines to charts
b) Creating dual axis charts
c) Creating custom chart templates
d) Viewing chart animations

12) Create and Manage PivotTables
a) Creating new PivotTables
b) Modifying field selections and options
c) Creating a slicer
d) Grouping records
e) Utilizing calculated fields
f) Formatting data & update
g) Managing relationships

13) Create and Manage Pivot Charts
a) Creating new Pivot Charts
b) Manipulating options in existing Pivot Charts
c) Applying styles to Pivot Charts
d) Advantage & disadvantages of Pivot Charts

14) Developer & Macro`s
a) Enable Developer Tab
b) Introduce Visual Basic (VB) editor
c) Relative Reference & Macro Security
d) Copying macros from workbook to workbook
e) Form Control
f) Active X Control
g) Manipulate Data with Form Control & Active X Control
h) Negatives of using Macro`s
i) Shortcut Keys for Excel

15) Q & A`s Session
a) Question & Answer Session
b) Any other topics requested by the Participants
This course is aimed at end users who want to develop their skills so they can use advanced techniques to manipulate Excel data. Participants should have attended MS Excel 2013 Beginners course or have equivalent knowledge.

Entry to senior level managers in any industry Engineering/IT Graduates Management/Commerce Graduates Students aspiring for entry-level jobs in any industry