Course on Professional English Writing Skills training centre in Bangladesh


Course on Professional English Writing Skills

  • Date : 03 - 24 September 2019
  • Duration : Evening(6.30 pm-9.30 pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 6 Sessions
  • Class Schedule : Sunday & Tuesday
  • Total Hours : 18
  • Last Date of Registration : 2 September, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.

Introduction Training, through its grueling journey over the years, had located that many organizations and the professionals do not have the thorough & appropriate knowledge on the techniques of Professional English Report Writing, which is a big stumble block for the professionals. For that reason, bdjobs has taken the initiative to introduce this course on Professional Report Writing Skills,that could be supportive to improve the professional English writing skills for the professionals at all levels may it be NGOs or may it be corporate sector. There are many issues that require to be addressed during professional and/or business writing, which may attract the audience. We understand that a vivid perception on writing techniques need to be clear, concise, logical, correct and also need to be backed up by appropriate knowledge. This course will help you to understand the art of effective professional writing skills in length and also a good understanding on issues related to it, which is very important in professional life. Through the course, you will become a more competent and confident about professional English writing, with a stronger ability to use clear methods, appropriate information and correct languages including different tailor made techniques of crafting a write up for you or your organization.

This course would focus on improving Professional English Writing techniques by including/applying proper methods in order to make your report more effective.

Success in developing effective leadership and team building depends on number of issues, which are:
* Proper understanding on the practicality of English Writing.
* Organize thoughts on professional writing.
* Effectively plan for your audience, purpose & tone along with methods.
* Develop the contents for clarity, conciseness, and correctness

Learning from the course

Learning from the course could be as follows:
* Different Steps of a professional English writing
* Techniques of ascertaining issues related to English writing
* Modus of writing e-mails


The whole process of the training would be exploratory, reflective, interactive and participatory methods would be applied during the process. Power Point Presentations would be given during the sessions and there will be number of hands-on practice through group works.

Contents of Training:


Introduction to the Course and Need Assessment

The inaugural session would introduce the course and also assess the needs of the participants to understand the demand of the participants from the course, which would also incorporate the experience of Professional English Writing.

Professional Writing

This part of the session would provide primary ideas on style, uses, examples and skills on Professional English Writing. The presentation would be followed by discussion & Q-A.


Written Communication & 8 ideas

The session would deal with the importance of written communication along with its purpose, requirements and outcome. 8 fantastic ideas would also be provided during the session that would focus on the techniques of improving Professional Writing Skills.


Business Writing

The session will focus on the following issues:
- Top 10 ideas of improving business writing skills.
- Importance of clear, concise writing for business that would deal about increasing strength, greater effectiveness and reaching wider audience.
- 6 steps of improving business writing that would provide simple but important phases of business writing.


Professional Report Writing

This phase of the course would focus on stages of Report Writing, and also the essential steps and audience analysis for report writing that would incorporate the understanding the report brief, organizing & analyzing materials for the report, reviewing & redrafting and further editing before finalizing the report for the audience.


Report Writing Structure

The session would deal with different structure of a report, which would help the participant in structuring the report more effectively.

Techniques of e-Mail Writing

This phase would provide several tips and stages of e-mail writing that would equip the participants in writing professional e-mails.
Then the participants would be given a home work to write an e-mail to the facilitator about the outcome of the last four days.


Sharing views on the Home Work

The facilitator would share his views on the e-mails written by the participants and that would also incorporate the views/opinions of the participants as well.

Writers Block

All the writers, be it be business or non-business face this blockade while writing and this part of the session would deal with the situation and solutions of overpowering the writers’ block.
The session and the course would conclude with open discussion and Q-A.

Please Note:This is not an exhaustive list of the course process. Some more could be added along with practical sessions during the 18 hour intervention.

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Fresh Graduates, Employees at Entry-Level, and Junior-Level and Mid-Level Executives.

Resource Person

M. Hifzur Rahman

Research, Communication, Media & Documentation Specialist

Born 1954. Obtained Masters in Economics from the Rajshahi University and was involved in many socio-economic research activities. Hifzur has successfully completed number of training courses e.g. Management and Leadership Development from Australia and other training courses on Environmental Economics, ToT on Security issues and Journalism from Bangladesh and different countries of the world. He has 37 years of writing experience for the national & international organizations and different publication houses.
He completed a Certificate Course on Environmental Economics and Natural Resource Management organized by the World Bank Institute and SANDEE (South Asian Network for Development of Environmental Economics). Hifzur had also completed a ToT (Training of Trainers) recently by a British Development organization Saferworld, UK on peace and security issues and had been selected as a core trainer to impart training on peace and security issues, especially for the journalists. He had been trained at the Bangladesh Institute of Management on Research Methodology under SPSS Windows.

Hifzur served in print media as a senior journalist from 1977 before he joined the Australian High Commission as the Political/Economic Research Officer and served there for about 9 years. While working in the Australian High Commission he was in charge of the Direct Aid Program of the Australian Government in Bangladesh apart from his regular research work on politics and Economy, and also was responsible for Bangladesh National Budget Analysis for about 9 years while served Political/Economic Research Officer of the High Commission.

Later, he had served in a multinational power company LIPPS as a Director (Corporate Affairs). He was in-charge of running the Mymensingh 140 MW Power Station (MPS) as LIPPS was the Operation and Maintenance Contractor of MPS.
He has written numerous articles on socio-economic affaires in Bangla & English, published in national dailies and Weeklies. Hifzur had also developed & written the Country Report 2007-2008 for the then Caretaker Government, while he worked directly with the Chief Adviser Dr. Fakhruddin Ahmed. He has authored about 29 books in Bangla and English. He was also a presenter of a talk-show in ATN Bangla.

Hifzur had done a research for the Saferworld, UK on peace and security issues and also completed 10 FGDs (Focus Group Discussions) throughout the country again for another research project of the Saferworld, UK. He has numerous experiences in project evaluation, monitoring, report & project proposal writing and documentation for NGOs as he was involved with research activities and project management for different UN & International agencies including World Bank ADB & national NGOs. He is also involved with important development agencies e.g. UNICEF, Save the Children, Bandhu and South Asia Partnership-Bangladesh, as a resource person/consultant.

He has visited many countries including Japan, Australia, U.K, United States, Germany, Netherlands, Denmark, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Hongkong, China, Russia, Thailand, Korea, India, Nepal and Sri Lanka.

Human Rights ; Child Rights ; Women Empowerment ; Gender ; Organizational Development ; Project Planning & Management; Human Resource Development; Professional English Writing Skills; Art of Professional Excellence; Advocacy; Monitoring and Evaluation; Advocacy; Research-Qualitative & Quantitative and Research Methodology; Communication; Documentation; Leadership & Management Development and Team Building; Socio-Economic Development; Human Security; Facilitation and Reporting on Training/Workshops; Media Engagement; Translation both from Bangla & English; Writer/Author.

The whole process of the training would be exploratory, reflective, interactive and participatory methods would be applied during the process. Power Point Presentations would be given during the sessions and there will be number of hands-on practice through group works.