Breaking through English Writing Barriers training centre in Bangladesh


Breaking through English Writing Barriers

  • Date : 17 June - 10 July 2019
  • Duration : Evening(7:00 pm-9:00 pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 8 sessions
  • Class Schedule : Monday and Wednesday
  • Total Hours : 16
  • Last Date of Registration : 16 June, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.


Is writing a natural talent? Is writing a product? No, writing is a skill; it is a process that can be learned. Improper writing attitude results getting lost in writing. English writing barriers remain in getting started (the hardest part is the beginning, no idea), expressing ideas in English (lack of vocabulary), organizing ideas logically. This evening course is designed to break through these barriers.

This very hands-on barrier breaking course will give you the sessions to brainstorm, to plan, to pre-write, to freely write, to set eyes on own writing errors and to meet the grammatical solutions.

How Participants will benefit after the course
- The participants will know the barriers and the causes of barriers
- Learning the strategies, techniques of breaking the barriers followed by exercises will help participants become confident in English writing
- Exercises followed by grammatical error findings and discussions will give participants in-depth knowledge in sentence structuring and writing
- The participants will be able to communicate effectively and professionally through writing



Contents of Training:

- Ice Breaking
- Identifying the reasons of English writing barriers from participants
- English writing barriers
- Causes of the barriers
- Exercise: Finding causes

Writing Strategies
Prewrite: Write before writing
- Listing
- Free writing
- Clustering
- WH-Questions
Exercise: Prewriting

Outlining: Make a Plan of writing
- Make a plan for writing: unity and coherence
- Select the most important points
- Provide details, examples
- Use a linear structure
Exercise: Outlining

Free Writing, Error Demonstration & Solution: Stage 01
At this stage, participants will apply their kknowledge from previous sessions and write a topic on their own. Those write-ups will be analysed and demonstrated for error solution, sentence analysis, transformation and synthesis.

- Thematic Writing
- Error Demonstration and solution
- Sentence analysis, transformation and synthesis
- Grammatical solutions

Writing Business Messages
- Business writing is . . .
- Guffey’s 3-x-3 Writing Process
- Choosing Channels
- Developing Reader Benefits: sender-focused/ receiver-focused
- Emphasize the You View
- Hidden Negative Meanings
- Use Bias-Free Language
- Use Courteous Language
- Writing Bad News Messages

Free Writing, Error Demonstration & Solution: Stage 02
At this 2nd stage, participants will again practice writing in same procedure to evaluate their knowledge gained from previous sessions.

- Thematic Writing
- Error Demonstration and solution
- Sentence analysis, transformation and synthesis
- Grammatical solutions
- Expanding notes
- Use of punctuation
- Magnet summary writing

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Resource Person

Mohammad Mofidul Alam

General Manager, Training

Over the past several years, Bdjobs Training has secured a position of the pioneer for itself in the training and skill development space. The spin-off of, the country’s largest online job marketplace, has played a pivotal role in inspiring a whole lot of other institutional initiatives around training and skill development. In 2006, Mofidul Alam Saikat, now General Manager of Bdjobs Training joined the organization when it was slowly eyeing expansion. Since he joined the organization, he has played a pivotal role in growing Bdjobs Training’s business, has built a sustainable operation which continues to grow, has grown the number of training programs and improved the overall quality of its training that has been provided to over 25,000 professionals in the areas of English language, Marketing, Sales, ICT, Entrepreneurship development, Laws, Commercial, Pharmaceuticals, Finance, Accounting, Quality & Process, Industrial Engineering, Garments, Banking, HR, Development/ NGO, Project Management, International Academic Certifications and Leadership Skills.
Also his experience includes managing government projects primarily focused on learning and job placement. Under his leadership, cumulatively more than 5000 fresh graduates were trained up and recruited by companies and online market places under those projects.
Mofidul, an MA in English Literature, has been working in training sector for 17 years, acted as Proctor for Six Sigma Black Belt Certification examination by American Society for Quality, USA. He took part in TOT training by SDC & EADS, Leadership and Management training by Jan Bartscht, Co-founder & MD of Leadapreneur, Malaysia and Diploma in Computer Applications by The City & Guilds of London Institute, UK.