Advanced Course on Monitoring & Evaluation training centre in Bangladesh


Advanced Course on Monitoring & Evaluation

Introduction has perceived over the years through its meaningful journey that Monitoring & Evaluation (M & E) is not/not receiving appropriate attention by the development & corporate practitioners, which is a very important & integral part of achieving success in the projects, programs, organizations both in the development and corporate sector organizations. It has also been experienced that the method and modality of monitoring & evaluation has been changed/updated over the years along with other changes in our life & living. But, in many cases the changes are not conceptualized by the practitioners, rather majority of them are still clinging with the old & redundant ideas of monitoring & evaluation. Bdjobs Training has stepping in to the capacity building process through the induction of “theory of change” and “result based” monitoring & evaluation for the organizations and the practitioners. This would help them to be provided the updated knowledge on monitoring & evaluation in order to ensure magnanimity about the whole process. This course would make you more confident & competent with new vigor & ideas of the monitoring & evaluation process, methodology, and correct language including different tailor made techniques for conducting meaningful & result oriented monitoring & evaluation program.

This course would focus on the learning on the following issues:

** Appropriate understanding about monitoring & evaluation
** Organize thoughts and conduct the M & E with purpose & conviction
** M & E as a managing tool
** Concept of Monitoring process & methodology
** Equip with the idea of Result Based Management of M & E, and
** Result Based Planning & Management.



Contents of Training:


This session would deal with the definition of Monitoring & Evaluation and also the efficiency, effectiveness & impact of M&E.

2. Why do Monitoring & Evaluation

This session would deal with review progress, identify problems in planning and/or implementation and make adjustments, if necessary, of any project/program

3. Clarifying aims, objectives, activities and pathways to change

This session would focus on Key concepts & definitions in project design & strategy, Pathway to change and Change assumptions with examples. This session would specially focus on monitoring indicators through practical session to provide hands on experience about developing monitoring indicators.

4. Expanse of Monitoring & Evaluation

The session would expand more on the theoretical & practical base of monitoring & evaluation, to give more ideas about the basics of M&E.

5. Difference between Monitoring & Evaluation and the comparison between Logical & Result Framework

This would clear the division and activities of Monitoring & Evaluation.

6. Planning for Monitoring & Evaluation

This session would intrigue the participants in to the new wave of planning with Monitoring & Evaluation.

7. What do we want to know?

The session would deal with the indicators for gathering information and it would also give a glimpse of developing indicators.

8. Information/Data

Techniques of articulating & collecting Quantitative and Qualitative data/information would be dealt during this session.

9. Monitoring

Steps of designing a monitoring system and also articulating the Case Studies to lead the evaluation system to enrich through the process would be the main focus of this session.

10. Evaluation

The session would deal with the purpose, key evaluation questions and methodology of the evaluation process.

11. Methods of Monitoring & Evaluation

This would deal with different methods of monitoring & evaluation and also the steps of improving interviewing skills.

12. Result Based M & E

This segment would introduce the new dimension of monitoring & evaluation of modern era, negating the old school of thoughts, that is very important in attaining success in conducting the M & E in a meaningful & productive way.

13. Analyzing Information

This part would show the techniques of analyzing information through the monitoring & evaluation systems

14. M&E as a Management Tool

This would show that M&E is an important part of a management tool and it would also incorporate the technique of the Result Based M&E with 10 golden steps.

15. Documentation & Reporting on Evaluation

Participants` would be introduced with the outlines of an evaluation report, which is one of the most important parts of the whole exercise.

Mid and senior level NGO and other professionals work for program planning, monitoring and implementation, having skill and experience in different approach of development project. Moderate skill and working experience with logical frame work is preferable.