Finance for the Supply Chain Professional training centre in Bangladesh


Finance for the Supply Chain Professional


This course is designed to assist Supply Chain Mangers, Business Owners, Service-holders, and Engineers, Commercial Managers and Job seekers. ‘Finance for Supply Chain Professionals` Course is the advance level course for those who are interested build their career in Supply Chain Management and Supply Chain Finance (SCF). After participating, you will understand how Supply Chain Finance process is operated and what is the Supply Chain Accounting Technique.

How participants will be benefited after course?
Supply chain management is the most essential part of any Industry and/or Business. Participants will understand the details of Supply Chain Finance, Supply Chain Accounting strategies, Cost Accounting, Management Accounting as well as Statement of Financial Position concepts. It emphasizes the purchasing department to understand supplier credit risk, liquidity requirements of suppliers and the relationship of suppliers. This increases the individual's ability to receive job rewards from existing purchasing officers. This course will create skills for people who are employed in the procurement or purchasing department of an Industry or Business Organization.


Lecture, power point, white board, handout & exercises. Class participation will be encouraged and quizzes & tests will be administered to reinforce learning.

Contents of Training:

Module ** 1
1. Introduction of Accounting
2. What is Supply Chain Finance (SCF)
3. How SCF works
4. Difference between SCF & Traditional Trade Finance
5. Supply Chain Accounting Technique

Module ** 2
6. The Accounting Concept
7. Accounting Equation, Journal
8. Accounting Ledgers - GL, A/R, A/P
9. Adjusting entries
10 Trial Balance

Module ** 3
11 Profit & Loss A/c
12 Balance Sheet
13 Cash flows
14 The Statement of Financial Position

Module ** 4
15 Cost Accounting concept
16 Job Order Costing
17 Standard Costing
18 ABC Costing
19 Target Costing

Module ** 5
20 Management Accounting concept
21 Budgeting
22 Capital Budgeting
23 NPV Analysis

Module -6
24 Master Budget
25 Sales Budget
26 Production Budget
27 Procurement Budget
28 Cash Budget

29 Cost-Volume-Profit Analysis
30 Business Ratio Analysis
31 Liquidity ratio
32 Return on Investment ratio
33 Inventory ratio
34 Debtors turnover ratio
35 Creditors turnover ratio
36 Average collection period
37 Average Payment period

38 Suppliers Relationship
39 Competitive Bidding
40 Suppliers Negotiations
41 Spend Management
42 Suppliers Credit Risk
43 Suppliers Contract Loan
44 Suppliers Liquidity needs

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The following professionals can attend-
1) Business Owners
2) Supply Chain Executives & Managers
3) Business Managers
4) Commercial Managers
5) Engineers
6) Any Professionals
7) Job seekers
8) Students