Strength Based Leadership Workshop training centre in Bangladesh

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Strength Based Leadership Workshop


Are you working in managerial position or going to be manager? Research found that most successful managers (leaders) always focus on strengths rather than weakness. Have you ever think what strengths do you have? Most people do not know what their strengths are. In the professional world, your team’s success depends on just that. BdJobs first ever introduces Strength based leadership workshop to explore your strengths and how lead a team to be successful.

Course Objective:
• Learn about the strengths philosophy towards greater productivity
• Learn how your strengths have led you to success in the past
• Understand how your strengths can lead you to professional success
• Learn tools to discover your innate talents
• Tools to discover your greatest value-add as well as your blind spots
• Learn to create a strengths-based environment for a high-performance team culture

Benefits Develop your capability as a leader who can create a positive, productive work environment by:
 Understanding, affirming, developing and using your own unique strengths
 Creating strategies to develop strengths in yourself and other individuals and organizations
 Understanding how to effectively leverage your personal strengths across a variety of leadership contexts



Contents of Training:

Session i
- Introduction & Ice breaking
- Unlocking minds
- Leadership Philosophy & Cultural Shift

Session ii:
- Philosophy of strengths
- Find strengths from case study
- Type of strengths

Session iii:
- Understanding Facilitators strengths
- Research behind the strength and leadership
- Strategies for Managing for Weakness
- Blind spot

Session iv:
- Domains of Leadership Strength
- ABCD of strength-based leadership
- How can I explore my strength?

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Strengths-Based Leadership is designed for professionals in current managerial roles, or who are preparing for managerial roles within their organization.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.