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Training on Customer Care & Dealing with Complaints


For businesses that rely upon keeping customers happy, it is important to constantly evaluate and, if necessary, modify any customer service processes and procedures that could lead to customer dissatisfaction. Oftentimes, before businesses change a customer service process, they evaluate several proposals addressing the problem.

Explain the purposes of your initiating new customer care services and show how this will benefit the organization. For example, you might indicate that a change in a certain customer service process will increase customer satisfaction.

While taking care of the customers we must deal professionally of the complaints that we receive from different clients and customers. We need to discuss the problem and address it immediately and properly. For example, a current procedure often requires customers to wait for longer time.

One of the most important issue is the attitude ** both of the customer and of the service providers. To ensure the best customer service we have to show the best attitude towards our customers.


Well, in many respects, they are never ending. Although any form of up skilling can improve staff competency or alter employee attitudes, when it concerns customer service representatives, training can deliver extensive advantages to the customer and organisation. Benefits of a well-executed customer service training include:

 Increase motivation and engagement of member staff
 Improve knowledge and skill set
 Boost confidence and morale of the staff
 Increase customer satisfaction
 Deal more professionally with complaints
 Make customers more loyal to your organisation
 Increase turnover and profit of the business
 Improve reputation and brand image


Methods of instruction will include lecturing, discussion, group work, mock complaint dealing sessions and other activities.

Contents of Training:

Who are our guests?
Why customer care?
Importance of keeping guests happy
Dealing with angry customers
What is a complaint?
Reasons of guest complaints
Handling complaints
Making opportunities from complaints
Positive attitudes and gestures Positive Words and Phrase

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Customer care and dealing with complaints course will be of benefit to: New and experienced sales staff Key sales managers Call centre representatives Marketing executives Senior staff who wish to brush up their knowledge and skills for customer care training