Advanced Communication Skill for Managers training centre in Bangladesh


Advanced Communication Skill for Managers

  • Date : 10 - 24 June 2019
  • Duration : Evening(6:30 pm-9:30 pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 5 sessions
  • Class Schedule : Monday and Wednesday
  • Total Hours : 15
  • Last Date of Registration : 9 June, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.


This advanced course focuses on communication in the context of information flow, control & decision-making exclusively designed for the Managers.

By attending this course one will discover the key secrets of fundamental relationship between communication & control. Just like finance ensures the smooth running of a team or organization by organizing the flow of money, advanced communication skills organize the flow of information throughout the organization.

What Will You Learn?
• Build agile teams that can rapidly respond to change.
• Improve awareness; think more clearly and communicate more concisely
• Make better decisions faster
• Use communication skills to create better plans
• How to communicate with people
• Use communication skills to improve implementation & performance
• Learn fast and more effectively
• Communicate with clarity and confidence


Activity based real life demonstration; Games; Related audio-video visuals; Role play; Group Activity

Contents of Training:

Session One:
• Developing awareness of how impact is created
• What else would you like over the five days of this course?
• What does 'Communicating with Impact' mean to you?
• Making an Impact
• Communication dynamics - how it works
• Listening as a communications tool
• Listening with Empathy
• First Impressions and Attitude
• Assertiveness and Aggression
• Defusing conflict and arguments
• Body Language

Session Two:
• Exploring Influencing through the Power of voice
• Language and storytelling
• Breathing technique
• Stabilizing nervousness
• Improve volume control
• Voice projection
• Tone - The underlying intention of the message
• Speed -The subliminal effects of fast and slow speech
• Rhythm -Using pause and pace to create interest

Session Three:
• Pitch - Exploring the music in voice and language
• Increasing the power and impact of the voice
• Cultural differences in language styles and sound of the voice
• Stereotypes and assumptions which are set by vocal tone and nonverbal behaviors
• Linguistic styles of modern Anglo Saxon speech
• Words people use reveals their thinking, learning style and perception
• Story telling - Creating stories to communicate a specific idea
• Exploring internal and external motivators
• Project Buster an influencing strategy to get commitment and buy-in from people

Session Four:
• Non- verbal communication
• Handling Difficult Messages
• Dealing with crisis communications
• How behavior and communication styles together create a perception in the minds of others
• It's not what we have said but what the other person thinks we have said that is important
• Sometimes our words say one thing but our tone and actions will speak louder
• Understand how we are perceived by others
• 30-second Impact
• Choosing your Status
• Choosing the impact you make

Session Five:
• Gaining confidence
• Feeling and behaving more assertively
• Dealing with different levels in the business (externally as well as internally)
• Not being manipulated
• Setting clear boundaries
• Delivering tough messages while maintaining positive relationships
• Communication Cycle - Thought- Spoken- Heard -Understood - Agreed to - Acted on - Implemented
• Styles and Difficult People
• Feedback and how to make it best support moving things forward
• Internal boundaries - how people can become stressed or 'difficult' when they are crossed
• Art of Saying No - Techniques on assertiveness issues
• Having difficult conversations

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Senior leaders, middle level managers and entrepreneurs

Resource Person

Ridwanul Karim Chowdhury

Certified NLP Practitioner, Professional Trainer & Development Analyst

Ridwanul Karim Chowdhury has been working in different segments of customer service operation for the last 10 years with an excellent portfolio with Leadership Experience. He was a head of training and information management in Grameenphone Ltd. He was responsible for running competence driving program within the organization, he was responsible to lead information value chain, and he is specialized on development activities like coaching, guiding, training need assessment; Setting KPI etc. Previously, he was responsible for ensuring quality of Customer Service. He was the head of stakeholder and campaign management. He has work experience as NPS channel manager. At present He is working as a freelancer Training and HR consultant in different leading consultancy firm in Bangladesh.

Mr. Ridwanul is a post-graduate and he is also HR certified from BIM. He has several professional and certified training records from various local and foreign training institutes. He has certified training on TOT, Operational Management, Time and Stress Management, People Management Skill, Basic Project Management, Presentation Skill, Feedback & Coaching ;Outbound Sales; Mastery on customer service; Leadership Development; Situational leadership; NPS mechanism & techniques; Lean Six Sigma; Vendor management; NLP Training.

As a development consultant; Ridwan is used to perform advanced; specialized and administrative duties in different segment of HR and people development policies in customer service of multinational telecom operator. He has rich experience to run and implement multinational best practice of HR culture like “driving values” effective assessment process named CBI (competency based interview process) and so on. He is specialized on guiding time and stress to ensure work efficiency and effectiveness. He has experience to work with HR cross functional team to develop different policy of customer service.

Apart from this; he has more than 5000 hours of training facilitation experience coverage with 3500+ employees and hundreds of external trainees. He has experience in providing training in Brac-Bank; SGS; Partex Star; bdjobs; businessexpress24; SMG; SIKO-Bangladesh; NAVANA; North South University; DESCO; Genex; Digicon; Merie Stopes; SINGER; Akij Motors and different other organizations and BPOs as an external trainer. He has very sound knowledge of customer service operation.

Activity based real life demonstration; Games; Related audio-video visuals; Role play; Group Activity