Application of Industrial Engineering for RMG training centre in Bangladesh


Application of Industrial Engineering for RMG

  • Date : Saturday, July 27, 2019
  • Duration : Day(9.30 AM-5.30 PM)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : Day Long
  • Class Schedule : Saturday
  • Total Hours : 8
  • Last Date of Registration : 25 July, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.


In Bangladesh there are many job opportunities available in IE department. This training will boost your knowledge on IE and help you to win better job. This training will give you practical knowledge on Industrial Engineering which will help you to work in this sector more efficiently and you will be more confident to implement IE tools in your factory.

Benefits of the training: After getting this training you-
1.Can calculate SMV & CM
2.Will confident in IE responsibilities.
3.Can face viva easily.
4.Can do all calculation perfectly & within short time.
5.Can Make floor layout within shot time
6.It will help to reduce waste very quickly
7.It will help to increase of factory productivity.


Interactive Lecture, Power Point Presentation, Group Discussion & Exercise.

Contents of Training:

Chapter - 1
1. Basic Concept of Garments Industry
2. Common Machine of Garments industry
3. What is Productivity?
4. How to measure labor productivity
5. Defect
6. DHU
7. AQL
8. Traffic light
9. Prato Analysis
10. Fishbone Analysis
11. PDCA Cycle
12. 5W1H
13. History of IE
14. Definition of IE
15. IE responsibilities in RMG sector
16. Ergonomics
17. Capacity Study
18. TACCT Time
19. TAKT Time
20. Lead Time
21. Work Place Arrangement
22. Production Study
23. Method Study
24. Motion Study
25. TNA
26. Line Loading plan
27. Block planning
28. Method Development
29. Productivity Improvement
30. Visual Monitoring
31. Andon
32. Automation for RMG
33. 5s
34. How to Develop Skill of operator
35. SOP
37. Throughput Time
38. RFT
39. PP Meeting
40. VA & NVA Work Identifying technique.
41. TPM
42. OEE
43. Fabric Optimization
44. Needle & Throught plate selection technique.
45. Flow oriented layout make
46. KPI

Chapter 2
47. Common Word Abbreviation for RMG
48. SMV Calculation
49. Data Bank Prepare
50. Bottle neck
51. Line Balancing
52. Operation Bulleting
53. Hourly Production Monitoring
54. Target Calculation
55. Efficiency Calculation
56. WIP (Work in Process)
57. NPT Calculation
58. MUDA
59. MURA
60. MURI
61. Gantt Chart

Chapter 3
62. Earn Minute Calculation
63. Produce Minute Calculation
64. Factory Capacity/Performance Calculation
65. Machine Layout
66. Thread Consumption
67. Operator Recruitment
68. Skill Matrix
69. Manpower Budget
70. Man to Machine Ratio
71. Machine Capacity Calculation

Chapter 4
72. Line Cost Calculation
73. CM Calculation
74. Defect Cost Calculation
75. Fabric Consumption
76. Efficiency Calculatio
77. Scope of Cost Reducing
78. Cut to Ship Ratio Calculation
79. Question and Answer

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• IE / Planning Related Person
• Merchandiser/Quality/Maintenance/Production Related Person
• Factory & Production Manager/ Factory Top Management
• University Graduate who are interest to develop career in RMG Sector
• Factory Owner
• Those who want to learn about IE in RMG Sector
• Any Person wants to become an efficient and successful IE
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

Resource Person

Engr. Fahim Mostofa Palal

Lean Yellow Belt Certified, GSD Trainer & Consultant

Mr. Fahim Mostofa is working for DVC Limited Bangladesh Liaison Office (Germany Multinational Buying House) as a Manager, IE, Productivity Improvement & Planning Department. Also, he has worked for Epyllion Group for Garment Tech and IE Department and Youngone Corporation Bangladesh for Work Study, Lean and Productivity Engineering Department Responsibilities.

He has been working in same areas of responsibilities for 9 years. By this time, he has trained more than 50+ person for GSD in Epyllion Group. He has completed lots of training likes- Sewing Machine Maintenance, GSD, Technique of High Sewing Efficiency, Knit Dyeing, Printing, Washing & ETP, Lean Yellow Belt, Lean Simulation & CAD etc.

He has developed Productivity, IE & Planning in 20+ Factories Example-JM Fabrics, Turag Garments, Marma Composite, Versatile Textile, Dipknit, Fiat Fashion & Advance Composite Textile etc. He has completed B.Sc. in Textile Engineering from Southeast University and M.Sc. in Textile Engineering from Daffodil University.

Interactive Lecture, Power Point Presentation, Group Discussion & Exercise.