The Art & Science of Value Based Selling training centre in Bangladesh


The Art & Science of Value Based Selling


Selling product or service or both are getting more competitive day by day. Salespeople, who just merely focus on transactional view, are not going to succeed. It now requires understanding customer, client or business partner’s requirements or need perfectly and matching the products or services according to those. Salesmanship has become more of a value adding activity in this age of information and technology. This training will help the salespeople to understand the character and psychology of customers or clients, the more scientific way of handling customer objections and closing the deals more adroitly to increase the percentage of successful sales calls as experts find “Two thirds of the sales calls go in vain”.

Expected outcomes:

It is definitely expected that the participants will do better or clearly understand the following areas after the training:
 The difference between Transactional & Value added selling
 The entire range of Customers and influential way of dealing with them
 Types of objection/concern of customers and their modern handling techniques
 How to Close sales calls more effectively and confidently
 Personal traits of Salesman which creates building up rapport with customers
 How to become an influential Salesperson from an ordinary Salesperson


This training will help the salespeople to understand the character and psychology of customers or clients.

Contents of Training:

In this interactive training the following things would be covered:

 What is selling actually from a modern perspective and do we all sell ourselves every day?
 How can a salesperson add value or is the transactional view sufficient enough for them or what else is required/Does salesmanship mean manipulation ?
 How can a salesperson become extraordinary from an ordinary salesperson?
 Is selling suitable for a salesperson or how far he or she go with it in career?
 How should a salesperson find the prospects and can create a prospecting pool?
 4 kinds of customers and the influential techniques of dealing with them
 How to deal with customer objections and is it really an objection?
 How can a salesperson make a negotiation sheet in advance before a call & its effectiveness?
 Specific methods of handling customer objections & its steps:
 Ways of being adroit in gathering market intelligence and understanding dynamics of market with competition
 Different Sales Closing techniques with examples keeping connection with the objection handled.

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All the salespeople who handle customers (Dealer, retailer, wholesaler etc.) in a regular basis directly or indirectly will be benefited greatly out of this training. It should be remembered that more complex products or services are, more consultative approach of selling would be required.