IELTS Crash Course with Mock Test training centre in Bangladesh

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IELTS Crash Course with Mock Test


This IELTS training course delivers a condensed and strategic approach to succeed in the IELTS examination. It includes insights into Speaking, Listening, Reading and Writing parts with emphasis on Tips, Tricks and Formulas. The course also covers sub skills such as vocabulary, articulation, persuasion and gesture manipulation. There is also an emphasis on speaking techniques to equip the candidates with tools and frameworks to become a winning communicator in professional environments.

As a whole, this is a focused training to equip candidates with winning techniques and optimized preparation to achieve success in IELTS and prepare as a successful communicator.

How Participants will benefit after the course
i. Learn about the IELTS test procedure and format.
ii. Discover tips and tricks to score higher in Speaking, Listening, Writing and Reading parts.
iii. Develop a customized study plan to achieve the best results to meet academic or migration objective.
iv. Pick up the art of professional communication through Articulated and Persuasive Speaking techniques.



Contents of Training:

i. Introduction to IELTS: Introduction to IELTS Academic and General Formats; similarities, differences and approach methods. Understanding the scoring methods and Judging criteria.
ii. Speaking: Providing information in a formal interview context. Using Articulation, Gesture and Communication frameworks.
iii. Listening: Extracting information from speech. Learning what information to look for and what to exclude.
iv. Reading: Skimming and scanning for general or specific information. Logical organization of information.
v. Writing: Interpreting and comparing data. Stating and developing arguments/opinions.
vi. The Sub skills and their Integration: Combining vocabulary, articulation and persuasion and gesture manipulation skills into a holistic communication skill.
vii. Tips and Tricks: Techniques to achieve the best possible result.
viii. Debate Session: A live skills exercise to bolster on the learnings.

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