Forex Trading Basics for the Beginners training centre in Bangladesh


Forex Trading Basics for the Beginners


This is a beginner`s course on the Forex Market. It is intended to help the curious investor get a better look at what is involved in trading for themselves. Not everyone is cut out for trading Forex and this is designed to help people make an informed decision.

The course covers the basics of the market and what skills and tools are required to trade actively. It also includes a introduction training on the most popular trading software Meta Trader 4 (MT4).

By the end of this course one would be able to make a well-educated decision on whether or not to continue studying the Forex market.


Interactive & practical orientation

Contents of Training:

Lesson 1: Introduction to Forex
# FX Market: Then and Now
# Currencies
Major & Minor Pair
Commodities and Index
# FX Trading: The Basics
# Lots
# Pips, Pip Values
# Buy & Sell and The Spread
# Placing an Order
# Order Basis
# Order Type

Lesson 2: Chart & Fundamental Analysis Basics
Technical Analysis Fundamentals
# Charts
# Candlestick Charts
Why Are Chart Pattern Important?
# Candlestick Partner
What is Fundamental Analysis?
# Major Fundamental Indicators
# Other Economic Indicators

Lesson 3: Technical Indicators
Basic Concepts
# Support & Resistance
Technical Indicators
# Moving Averages, Parabolic (SAR), RSI

Lesson 4: Trading Philosophy & Money Management
Trading Philosophy
# Trend and Range Trading
Cut Your Losses
# Money Management
# Capital Risk
# Profit Taking and Stop Loss Orders
# Margin

Lesson 5: Introduction with Platform and Guidance to go further
# Metatrader 4
# Demo account creation
# Newsletter

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