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Retail Sales Master Class


Engaging and well trained customer facing retail salespeople are essential to the success of any retail business, however the sales skills required to succeed in retail sales are often not seen as a priority and retail sales training is often overlooked.

This is something that we would like to change, because Sales-Guru is committed to sales and service excellence and believe that Retail Sales is one area of sales in which, very small changes to the way in which retail salespeople engage and sell, creates a positive buying atmosphere that leads to a large increase in sales.

A well trained customer facing retail sales team is critical to increasing sales and delivering a positive brand experience for your business, therefore it’s essential for a retail sales team to be motivated, project the right image, believe in their brand, engage and ask the right questions and understand the importance of unfaltering customer service. Our Retail Sales training module has been developed to cover these important aspects of Retail Sales and ensure a brilliant shopping experience for the customer and ultimately an increase in retail sales.


Activity based real life demonstration; Games; Related audio-video visuals; Role play; Group Activity

Contents of Training:

* How to develop and maintain a positive and winning mind-set
* How the correct shop floor etiquette attracts customers
* Self-confidence which promotes friendly, valuable and engaging conversations
* The psychology of retail selling
* How to convert the “just browsing” to “I want to buy” customers ]
* How to engage and sell to the different generations
* Customer triggers – what you need to look for when a customer walks in
* How to structure “smart questions” that unlock the buying vault of customer needs and objectives
* How to up sell and cross sell
* Words and phrases that help you create a buying atmosphere
* That customer service is critical to the success of a retail sales person
* The difference between a “Satisfied Customer” and a “Loyal Customer”
* How to achieve “Customer Loyalty”
* How to make “returns” a positive experience and a potential buying opportunity
* Dealing with difficult customers
* How to work together as a team to ensure sales success

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