Practical Accounting for Non-Accounting Professionals training centre in Bangladesh

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Practical Accounting for Non-Accounting Professionals


Professionals in every functional area need to understand the basic principles of accounting in order to make informed business decisions and to accomplish different organizational goals. Emphasizing the importance of Accounting data on the decision-making process, Accounting for the Non-Accounting professionals allows non-accounting business executives to become better users of financial information so they can be more strategic contributors to their organization and can accomplish different functions of the department/division for achieving the organizational goals.

Objectives of Learning: Understanding Basic Accounting Concepts
- Accounting Golden rules
- Double entry bookkeeping system (Debit and Credit)
- Ledgers or Chart of Accounts
- Bill, Invoice, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable
- Financial reports (P/L accounts and Balance sheet)
- Assets, Depreciation and Liability
- Common accounting terminologies
- Business position analysis by using Ratio Analysis
- Daily cash register and bank register
- Accounting, Inventory and Payroll vouchers
- Simple overhead calculation
- Simple selling price calculation
- Cost of sale/Cost of goods sold
- Inventory valuation methods
- Trial balance, cash flow statement, receive & payments
- Cost center and cost units
- Graphical presentation of accounting data/reports


Practical, Interactive,

Contents of Training:

Accounting Masters:
- Create Ledgers/Chart of accounts
- Create Product and Services
- Create Customers and Suppliers

Money In
- How to Create credit sales
- Receive money against credit sales
- Create cash Sales receipts
- Create sales order
- Create sales return
- Create money Refund against sales return
- Create Sales reports
- Depositing money in bank
v Money Out
- How to create credit purchase
- Create payment against credit purchase
- Cash payment and cheque payment
- Create cash purchase and cash expense
- Create purchase return
- Create purchase order

- Account to account money transfer
- Journal entry
- Recurring transactions
- Bank reconciliation
- Understanding business reports

Hands-on practical sessions
Preparation of Accounts and Financial Reports by using Accounting Software “QuickBooks online”.

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