Marketing for Non- Marketing Professionals training centre in Bangladesh


Marketing for Non- Marketing Professionals


Marketing is an approach to business that places the consumer as the center of all businessactivities and focuses on satisfying customer needs and wants. In today`s business world, marketing is viewed as essential to creating and delivering value both to the organization and to the customer. While used equally by profit and not-for-profit organizations to meet the demands of the marketplace, marketing has a dominant impact in all aspects of a business. Many companies acknowledge that their growth and survival depend on putting the customer at the core of their planning; thus, an understanding of marketing is essential for any employer and staff member who need to better understand how to market their business and build healthier customer relationships.

The purpose of this training course is to allow non-marketers to become familiar with thebasics of marketing to help them incorporate this all-important aspect in their daily decisions.This course also sets out to improve relations between the marketing department and allother departments in the company. Good knowledge of marketing promotes better mutualunderstanding, improved communication and, as a result, a more fruitful exchange.

The benefits of this course

- Integration of the marketing dimension on all levels, and better consideration for customers` needs in order to base decisions regarding products services, prices, distribution and communication accordingly
- Improved interaction with the marketing department(s) thanks to a better understanding of this function
- Have a basic idea about marketing concepts, theories and best practices.
- Understand the role of marketing in the overall success.
- Appreciate the importance of marketing inside the company, and be more involved in marketing decisions.
- Be acquainted with basic marketing terms and their definitions.
- Segment your customers and markets, and understand them better.
- Write and read a marketing communications plan.
- Deal with marketing issues more confidently


Interactive presentation and case example

Contents of Training:

1. Introduction to Marketing

- What is Marketing?
- The Importance of Marketing Within an Organization
- Role of Marketing Within your Organization

2. Understanding the Market

- Understanding the Internal
- Understanding the External Environment
- Discussion

3. Understanding Your Customers

- Segmenting the Market
- Profiling Your Customers
- Targeting and Positioning
- Discussion

4. Introduction to the Marketing Mix

- Understanding Branding, Product and its Components
- Understanding Price, its Importance and Different Pricing Strategies
- Introduction to The Promotional Mix; The Importance of IMC
- Overview of Distribution Strategies and its Challenges
- Discussion

5. Understanding Competitor`s Strategy & Action

- Identifying competitors
- Analyzing a competitor`s strategy
- Competitive analysis
- Finding information about competitors Discussion

6. What is new in Marketing?

- Blue Ocean Strategy
- Moving from traditional to Digital

7. Closing

- Summary & Discussion

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Marketing/ Sales
• Newly appointed marketers
• Non-marketing managers who need to have a comprehensive idea about marketing practices
• Employees who are non-experts in marketing seeking to understand its role, and to incorporate this dimension in their decisions and in their departments’ daily operations (customer service, sales)
• Employees who are often in contact with marketing people, and who wish to understand marketing decisions to better cooperate with their managers (Procurement, R&D, production, logistics, legal, finance ..)
• Employees who aspire to joining their company’s marketing department(s)
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.