Oracle Apex – Advance Technique & Administration training centre in Bangladesh


Oracle Apex – Advance Technique & Administration


Recently software development goes to RAD - Rapid Application Development based with REA (Rich Enterprise Application) features. At the same time software development’s prime concern is security, mobile device compatible to meet next generation demand. Considering all these Oracle APEX is one of the best choice. Oracle is going to obsolete “Oracle Forms” instead promoting Oracle Apex, ADF. Oracle Apex is browser-based software development tools, that is very lightweight and latest in the industry. You can develop application at any place and time using even mobile devices via internet as well as oracle cloud environment.

Apex technology focus on developed single application that will work fine in all environments like iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows and all devices like PC, Phone, TAB. Using oracle apex technology, you can use or gain all oracle’s all features to manage mission critical solution with high data volume. You can easily migrate old oracle solution to new apex technology without losing data and business logic.

Course Features Details
Oracle company manage all internal business operation and their main business, like oracle database & service selling website using Apex technology

Some Example of Apex developed Application Link:

Key Benefit of this training course
• Advance component learning for manage real life project
• Troubleshooting and bug fixing technique
• Apex installation in different environment like windows and linux
• Apex administrative task management


This will be an instructor led program delivered through hands on labs with real life example. Audience will taste a new level of experience by attending the course.

Contents of Training:

• Product Overview
• Reviewing Terms and Concepts
• Performing Database Administration Review

Installing Oracle Application Express
• Overview
• Identifying Pre-installation Tasks
• Installing Oracle Application Express
• Administering Post Installation Tasks

Installing and Configuring Oracle REST Data Services
• Installing Oracle REST Data Services
• Configuring Oracle REST Data Services in Standalone Mode

Creating Workspaces
• Managing Instance and Workspace Administration
• Creating Workspaces
• Creating Users
• Creating Schemas
• Managing Existing Workspaces

Configuring Administration Services
• Configuring Instance Settings
• Configuring Security Settings
• Configuring Features

Administering a Workspace
• Managing Administration Page and Tasks
• Managing Services
• Creating Users and Groups
• Monitoring Activity
• Using Dashboards

Administering An APEX Instance
• Managing Service Requests
• Managing Session State
• Exporting/Importing Workspaces
• Managing Public Themes
• Monitoring Activity
• Managing Announcements
• Managing Custom Applications

• Learning about the APEX_INSTANCE_ADMIN API
• Managing Workspaces
• Managing Schemas
• Managing Parameters

Key APEX Administration Tasks
• Managing Instance Administrator Tasks
• Administering DBA Tasks
• Managing Schemas
• Troubleshooting

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Course at Chattogram
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To participate this course, trainee must need to have knowledge about Apex basic operation