Knit Garments Consumption, Costing and Merchandising training centre in Bangladesh


Knit Garments Consumption, Costing and Merchandising

  • Date : 02 - 03 August 2019
  • Duration : Day(9.30am-5.30pm)
  • No. of Classes/ Sessions : 2 Days Long
  • Last Date of Registration : 31 July, 2019
  • Venue : Bdjobs Training, BDBL Building (Level 19), 12 Kawran Bazar C/A, Dhaka 1215.
  • 10% OFF at bKash or Online Payment (Certificate, Handbook and Lunch Included)


To know correct fabric consumption and costing is a primary requisite for any merchandiser or any person related to garments business in the capacity of Owner, Director, CEO, Account & Finance people, Peoples of Audit Department or any body interested to learn Knit Fabric Consumption and costing.

In any garments costing Fabric bears the 35 to 40% of the total cost of the garments as such any mistake here in fabric consumption leads to a big deviation in costing as such factory may not get the order from the Buyer on the other hand order may be confirmed with very less profit margin as such knowing correct FABRIC CONSUMPTION is very much essential for all the person doing garments costing.

The Merchandiser is the pivoting person in garments business, who maintain the relationship in-between Buyer and the Factory. He receive Order Sheet from Buyer, analyze, does costing, quote price, negotiate price, confirm price, arranges all merchandise, execute the order and maintain all correspondences with the Buyer. As such the Merchandising job has become a technocrat job in the garment sector, for which need special skill to handle any order. This workshop will educate a person to equip himself with all the knowledge of merchandising and will give him the confidence of handling any order in efficient way. He will also learn how an order is developed from receiving of Order-Sheet from Buyer up-to shipment and payment realization.



Contents of Training:

Knit Garments Consumption, Costing:

The Lesson will be imparted in such way that everybody will learn FABRIC CONSUMPTION with in ONE HR.

1. Knit Product Package Analysis.
2. How to do Knit-Fabric Consumption for Tops.
3. Exercise on Knit-Top Consumption.
4. How to do Knit-Fabric Consumption of Bottom.
5. Exercise on Bottom Consumption.
6. Discussion on various types of knit-fabrics.
7. Knitting, Dyeing and Costing of various types of Knit-Fabric.
8. Techniques of doing Accessories Consumption and Costing.
9. Points to be considered for Costing of Printing.
10. Points to considered to do Costing for Embroidery.
11. Points to be considered for Costing of Washing.
12. How to analyse Asking-CM (Cost of Making) of any Factory per day, per Line and per garments ?
13. How to assess Cost of Making of any Garments ?
14. What is FOB, C&F and CIF Costing.
15. How to asses C&F price of any Garments ?
16. How to do Garments Costing considering all factors ?
17. How to Quote Price ?
18. How to negotiate and confirm price with Buyer ?


1. What do we understand by Merchandiser and Who is Merchandiser.
2. What is the Role of a Merchandiser in Garments Business.
3. What is the total Chain of Work in Garments Business.
4. What is Buyer, Buying House, Local Agent, Chain Store, Retailer and how do they Function.
5. What is Order Sheet/Product Package and how to analyze the Order Sheet/Product Package.
6. How to equip oneself to become a good Knit Merchandiser.
7. Techniques of email writings and order tracking.
8. How to source new Buyers.
9. What all are the types of fabric used in Knit garments in terms of Content and Knitting Patterns.
10. What is Color Standard, Labdip, Strike Off, Skein and Hand-loom.
11. How to develop an order from receiving of Product Package upto shipment.
12. What all are the Samples a Merchandiser will have to handle and what is their implications in garments business.
13. How to prepare Time & Action Calendar to execute any order.
14. How to prepare a Gantt Chart to control the order.
15. How to give booking for Yarn, Knitting-Machine and Fabric.
16. How to assess requirement of Yarn and Fabric in consideration to wastage and process loss.
17. What all are the Sea and Air Route used for Garments Transportation ?
18. What is Feeder and Mother Vessels and how do they operate.
19. What is Freight Forwarder, Stuffing Agent and Consolidators.
20. Role of Courier services in Garments Business.
21. What is Lab-test and what all are lab-test requirement for Knit garments.
22. How to develop Printing, Embroidery, Washing and Value Addition Work.
23. How to do the Freight Calculation.
24. What all are the types of Containers used in ships what are their capacities.
25. What is FCL, LCL, Bill of Lading, Master Airway Bill, House Airway Bill, Tracking Number ?
26. What is Master L/C and how to open BB L/C.
27. How to prepare a Cost Approval Sheet.
28. How to prepare a Order Performance Sheet.

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Any Merchandiser or any person related to garments business in the capacity of Owner, Director, CEO, Account & Finance people, Peoples of Audit Department or any body interested to learn Knit Fabric Consumption and Costing.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.

Resource Person

Mr. Sajed Khan MBA, TU, USA

Executive Director, Doel Group of Industries Ltd.

Mr. Sajed Khan has served in garments sector for last 20 years with following profiles: Executive Director of Opex Group, Director Merchandising, Planning and Production of Sunman Group, Director Planning of Harvest Rich (Which is now Benetex), Executive Director of Delta Group, Head of Production of Beximco Group.

Mr. Sajed Khan, in addition to his service, is also delivering lecture on various subjects on Garments for last twelve years in almost all reputed Garments Institution in Bangladesh like BUFT, NIFT,CFTM, LCMI.
Major subject of his teaching areas are: 1. Knit Garments Merchandising. 2. Woven Garments Merchandising. 3. Knit Garments Consumption and Costing. 4. Woven Garments Consumption and Costing. 5. Production Planning in Knit. 6. Production Planning in Woven. 7. Work Study and Time Study in Garments. 8. How to set up factory for Compliance Audit. 9. Sample Management in Garments. 10. Supply Chain Management in Garments. 11. Quality Control in Garments. 12. How to set up Factory with proper Man, Machines, Systems and Documentsfor better Production and Quality for Commercial viability. 13. How to handle LC in Garments Business. 14. How to set up Garments Buying House in Bangladesh and its Functional Activities. And many more subjects.
He is also a Consultant in Garments Sector and is doing consultancy on followings: 1. Setting up of Knit Factory with proper Man, Machine and Equipment. 2. Setting up of Woven Factory with proper Man, Machine and Equipment. 3. Improving Production and Quality of Knit and Woven Factory. 4. Setting up Factory for any Compliance Audit. 5. Upgrading the efficiency of Merchandiser and Production people of Factory for Proper Merchandising and Production. 6. Apprising Top Management people on understanding Factory Capability, Asking CM, Marketing and Production Target in respect to Man, Machine and Factory Expenses. He is also doing consultancy on request on any subject of Knit and Woven Factory.