Finance for Non Financial Managers training centre in Bangladesh

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Finance for Non Financial Managers


The Finance for Non Financial Managers workshop allows managers with little or no financial training or experience to learn to use the language and tools of finance. It equips non-financial managers with a comprehensive working knowledge of financial principles and a strong foundation in financial management, investment analysis and effective budgeting. You will be able to return to your organization with the confidence to analyze financial information and participate fully in making business decisions.

For the success of our programs we rely on a combination of theory with practical assignments, discussions, and real life simulated group exercise.



Contents of Training:

Session 1:

•Corporate and Investment Finance Fundamentals
• What are the major areas of Finance
• Brief overview of Capital market
• Linkage between investment decisions and financing decisions
• Agency Problem
• Overview of topics to be covered

Study Session 2:

•Essence and aims of company financial statements analysis
•Structure and content of financial statements
• Balance Sheet
• Income Statement
• Cash Flow Statement
• Statement of Owners' Equity
• Accounting policies and financial statements review Cash flow concepts:
• Review - What is cash flow?
• NOPAT and free cash flows
• Brief Group Exercise
Main Focus: Provide participants tools and understanding of financial statements from a finance manager’s point of view

Study Session 3:

•Using accounting information in Financial Statements Analysis
•Extracting and using information from the balance sheet: Analysis of company assets, liabilities, and owners' equity
•Extracting and use of information from the income statement: Analysis of revenues and expenses and company results from operations
•Extracting and use of information from the statement of cash flows: Analysis of operations, investment and finance activities cash flows
• Definition and interpretation of
• Liquidity ratios
• Financial solvency ratios
• Debt ratios
• Profitability ratios
• Efficiency ratios
• Multiple ratio model DuPont
• Group Exercise on Ratio Analysis
Main Focus: Use case studies and real-world financial statements of various companies for understanding, interpreting and forecasting financial health of an organization

Study Session 4:

•Concept of Time Value of Money
• Understand the importance of the time value of money
• Understand difference between simple interest and compound interest
• Understand the concept of annuities and perpetuities
• Brief overview of how to build a loan amortization table

Study Session 5:

Cost of Capital AND Long-term Financial Policy

Capital Structure I - Financial Leverage (1 hour)

• What is Leverage? Different kind of Leverage
• Pros and Cons of Operating and Financial Leverage
• The Effect of Financial Leverage on ROI, ROE

Capital Structure II - Cost of Capital

• Different sources of Long-term financing
• Concept of WACC (Weighted Average Cost of Capital)
• Calculation of WACC
• Concept of Risk v/s Return and CAPM
• Impact of flotation cost in cost of debt
Main Focus: Provide understanding on the key concepts and considerations for selecting financing options available to an organization

Study Session 5:

Project Analysis / Capital Budgeting
• The Nature of Capital Expenditure Decisions
• The Appropriate Discount Rate
• Evaluation of Investment Alternatives using NPV, IRR, PI and Payback Approaches
• Capital Rationing
• Independent and Interdependent Projects
• Strategic considerations for Project selection
• Group Exercise on Capital Budgeting
Main Focus: Use financial statements and excel templates to analyze different selection criteria in major projects or capital budgeting decisions

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