Young Leaders training centre in Bangladesh


Young Leaders


The course is about a collection of Building Blocks extracted from the world's most influential leaders that can help you to transform. The blocks are based on Timeless principles with modern touch. They are self-evident and they are universal.

History has recorded how these principles have lead others to transform and leave their legacy. These blocks are collected, organized for the individuals longing to understand the true meaning of success.

The underline principle to look with an Inside-Out Approach, lo look from within. After all, if you cannot lead your self first and then you certainly can not lead others.

Follow the blocks and people will follow you even if you are a fresher.

Course Objectives:
After the course:

# Audience will be more matured with higher productivity.

# Learn to shake off the bad habits that are restricting them from progressing

# Start building a trusted environment rather than intoxicating it

# Learn to build a relationship, stay focused, and prioritize

# Learn to collaborate and co-operate towards the common goal

# Improve communication skill

# More importantly, the course will lay a framework for developing core values for your life


This will be an instructor led program delivered through hands on labs with real life example. Audience will taste a new level of experience by attending the course.

Contents of Training:

Principles & Mental Map
Be able to get out of the traditional thought process and adopt the free thinking Build a character that is aligned with natural principles

Step 1: Being Awaken
Become aware of their ability to choose their response. Develop the understanding of coming out their victimize mental state

Step 2: Visualizing the Future
Be able to learn how visualization works to plan ahead to achieve success both in Personal Life and Work.

Step 3: Understanding Priority
Learn to do the most important task that will help them to achieve their goals in step 2 rather than buried in daily urgent and less important issues.

Step 4: Feeling Abundance
Understand that there is an unlimited supply of blessings out there and that`s why they will not feel threatened to share or collaborate.

Step 5: Listen First, Talk Last
Develop empathy. They will learn to listen truly and learn the skill of effective way of communication so that people not only stats to listen but also follow.

Step 6: Working in Harmony
Learn to work in harmony, develop alternate solution through a problem-solving attitude and effective decision making

Step 7: Learn Balance of Life
Learn continuous improvement in the Four Dimension of Life:- Mind, Body, Heart, and Soul is the key. Learn to live a healthy balanced life

Discover the purpose of your life, the thing that you love doing most and at the same time that benefits the world, this is the legacy you will leave behind

The course could be an eye openers for students and freshers who envision themselves into a leadership position in both life and career.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.