Mastering on Retail Sales Management training centre in Bangladesh

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Mastering on Retail Sales Management


The demise of retail due to online competition and the digital revolution is greatly exaggerated. Customer-centric experiences rule the day, and shoppers overwhelmingly prefer to have their cake (researched and ordered on a mobile app) and eat it too (in a hip location in the presence of friends). That’s not to say the rules are the same for retailers as they are for online entities. In order to survive and thrive in retail today, your retail management strategy must incorporate the digital and physical customer experience to create value.
This retail survival guide combines business theory with practical strategies for finding your place in the world of retail management. There’s something here for entrepreneurs, students, and retail professionals. Learn about the foundations of retailing, common challenges, new trends upending the industry, advice for growing a small to mid-size retail business, information on careers in retail management, and strategies for surviving the world of retail.
It is important to provide retail sales training to employees because they acquire essential skills that are necessary for them to improve in their jobs. It is also essential to provide the retail department with skills that will help them improve because this will create more revenue for the business.


Applied sales approach, Power point presentation, Group exercise, interactive lecture, Discussion & Practical Session, roll playing, Q & A session.

Contents of Training:

Session: 1

• Retailing
• Retail management
• Why Retail management
• Wheel of retailing.
• Outlet selection.
• Store management.
• Floor management
• Display and product management
• Stock and pipe line management.
• Integrated software for retailing.

Session: 2

• Offering too many alternative restrict customer buying decision.
• How to measure customer satisfaction.
• Converting transit customer into your guest.
• MUST DOs in retail sales
• MUST avoid in retail sales.
• Factors influencing retailing management
• Key strategy of building Rapport

Session: 3

• The key skills of retail selling.
• 9 ways to get better sales in retail
• Emphasize on value
• Use technology that actually works
• How to drive a loyalty program.
• Honesty is the only policy.

Session: 4

• Learn What’s Important to Your Customers
• The Value of Consumer Psychology
• Seamless online and offline experiences.
• Offer services, not just products.
• Take advantage of data & insides.
• Bring back the magic –shopping vs Buying

Session: 5

• Get Creative with technology.
• Adding on
• Continual Learning.
• Never desperate
• Wooing customer
• How make customer habit to repeated buying

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Retail sales person, Sales team leader/coordinator, Manager on wards who are involve in retails sales can participate. Entrepreneur, owner of the retail shop/chain store are especially encouraged to attend this session. However entry level, Fresh graduates or post graduates i.e. BBA, MBA or non-business graduates who intend to work in retail team also can participate.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.