Certificate in Professional Salesmanship training centre in Bangladesh


Certificate in Professional Salesmanship


This dynamic course provides a toolkit of essential skills for successful selling. It is designed as an overview to help participants discover what is required to become better at sales. Whether delegates are looking to improve market share, widen opportunities, or to provide more financial stability for their respective companies with increased sales, this course will prepare them to meet the business challenges. On this training, attendees will learn models based on the most successful business and sales people - how they grew their business from the bottom line up to larger contracts and tenders. By tapping into the buyer psychology and motivation, participants will understand practical and strategic steps to close more deals. It will also help them grow in both confidence and knowledge, leading to better conversion rates. Throughout this week, participants will have the opportunity to explore their own unique style of selling in relation to personality types. The course will help delegates become more persuasive in sales pitches and provide proven techniques to meet sales targets. Asking for the business is the usual weak area of many salespeople. We will show you a proven methodology to be able to answer objections professionally leading to greater success.

Learning objectives

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:
# Develop the key skills of successful sales people
# Understand the sales process and improve their sales performance and results
# Understand features and benefits of their products/service
# How to identify and relate that to client/customer needs
# Explore buyer motivation and discover how psychology affects winning or losing a sale
# Tailor their selling style to meet any situation and becoming more client/customer focused
# Overcome objections and win over skeptical buyers
# Improve communication and influencing skills



Contents of Training:

Course Content

1. Selling ** An Art or a Science
# Through interactive learning delegates will explore the factors that make excellent sales people
# How to raise personal standards in order to encourage profitability
# Do you use a ‘hunter` or a ‘farmer` selling style?
# The background of selling and defining your role as part of the organization`s mission
# How to use persuasion without crossing boundaries

2. Effective Planning and Prioritizing
# Account analysis, planning and time management
# How to plan your territory more productively
# Prioritizing prospects well to ensure more consistent sales conversion ratio
# Meeting and diary management and increasing opportunities for new business
# Strategies for hitting and surpassing your targets
# Researching into client, the global, market and customer spheres
# Identify key trends in the marketplace

3. Making Lasting Impressions
# Tuning in to your client`s mindset and building trust
# Generate influence through matching body language and increased personal credibility
# Apply the ‘Aristotle Principle of Persuasion`
# Becoming a positive reference top your client and building more loyalty and sales compared to your competitors
# Personal psychometric profiling

4. Overcoming Objections
# How to deal with client objections and still get the sale
# 5 steps to maintain calm in adverse selling situations
# How to use objections as a basis to develop the sale into a mutual beneficial outcome
# Maintaining professionalism during the sales process to create a long term focus while gaining short and mid-term wins
# Dealing with client excuses of not buying and delaying strategies

5. Winning the business
# 5 closing styles to suit your personality and clients buying style
# Overcoming any fear or asking for the business
# Dealing with delayed sales proposals
# Practical exercises to practice getting the sale with confidence
# Creating a clear vision for yourself using positive psychology

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• Sales Team members
• Sales Account Managers
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• Customer Services Staff moving into a sales role