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English for better communication : Meet the Need


In a world with ever-growing levels of globalization and interconnectivity, the importance ofprompt and appropriate forms of communication increases rapidly. With trade relations betweencompanies from all over the world, the need for a common language to communicate in isundeniable. English is the language mostly used between any internationally acting company andagent. This is not only true for companies that do business within the English-speaking world,but also for companies from other countries that use English as their chosen language tocommunicate in - their lingua franca. Therefore, the knowledge of English that is specificallyused within business contexts is very important. Improving your personal skill of businessEnglish or corporate English can have a high impact on your career, whether you are just at thebeginning of it and start learning or whether you want to improve your already existing skills.
Corporate English is considered a special branch within the general studies of English due to theuse of specialized vocabulary and jargon. A good grasp of the knowledge of English in generalas well as a deep understanding of special forms are needed to successfully build a career in aninternational environment. This knowledge is important for both written and oral forms ofcommunication, such as email, letters, phone calls, meetings, presentations and many more.
Most certainly, you are asking yourself the question in how far corporate English varies fromgeneral English if there are more similarities than differences. Even if you have tremendousEnglish skills, you might lack specific knowledge of English that is used in a corporate world orbusiness and trade environment. Business English courses focus on skills that are applicable tothe workplace, on special vocabulary that you might encounter during phone calls, negotiations,meetings, etc. and also on general topics that occur within international trade relations.

Uniqueness of this Session:
This session is designed for the EFL (English as a Foreign Language) learners of Elementary & Mid-level for their professional development. This Training deals with the basic of corporate communication & English necessary to deal the daily official work at the work place. It is a fullydemand oriented customized program concentrating on:
* Participant-Centered Approach
* CLT (Communicative Language Teaching)
* Task-based Learning
* Inquiry-Based Learning
* Competency-based Language Teaching

Specialty of Syllabus :ESP not EGP :
ESP is contrasted with EGP, or English for General Purposes. English forSpecific Purposes (ESP) is known as a learner-centered approach to teachEnglish as a foreign or second language. It meets the needs of (mostly) adultlearners who need to learn a foreign language for use in their specificfields, such as Professional ,science, technology, medicine, leisure, andacademic learning.

Specific Objective:

* To develop the overall understanding of English language of the participants in all sorts of office correspondence
* To develop the writing skill needed to run daily official purpose
* To develop the speaking Fluency along with Accuracy which can help them to run the verbal communication.
* To understand essentials for Corporate Communication
* To develop competencies for Corporate Communication
* To learn the basic English for Corporate Communication
* To apply English skills in verbal & written communication at corporate transaction
* To ensure productivity through proper and timely communication
* To avoid misunderstanding due to communication barrier



Contents of Training:

Module-1: Insight though of Communication& Business Communication

 Concept of communication
 Principles of Communication
 Business Communication in a Corporate function
 Business communication ** The basic purposes in the organization

Module-2: Communication Formula : Model, Techniques & Strategies

 Monroe`s motivated sequence
 The 7Cs of communication
 The Johari window: An effective communication Model
 The Betari box
 The Fog Index: Tool for analyzing writing effectiveness

Module- 3: Flash up on language

 ESP syllabus : the easiest outline for being master of your customized area
 Productive & receptive skills in English language
 UK vs USA English
 Phonetics : IPA chart

Module-4: Business writing for day to day corporate Communication

 Writing Tool: Business Letter
 Writing Tool-: Email
 Writing Tool: Memo

Module **5: Verbal Communication (Speaking)

 Fluency Or Accuracy ?
 Communication for Conducting Meeting
 Business Presentation: Self-Management, Audience Management, Logistic Management

Module **6: Avoiding Common Error

Module-7: Application of Communication in Corporate environment

 Communication in Conflict resolution
 Major communication barriers
 Strategies for overcoming language barriers

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Next Stage/ Career
• Junior to Mid level professionals from any department
• Personnel who are moderate in English
• Personnel who want to upgrade/ to improve their English
• Students having the ambition of touching the career goal
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.