Software Testing Masterclass training centre in Bangladesh

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Software Testing Masterclass


Software testing is the action to check whether the observed and recorded results match the expected results. It needs to be done to guarantee that the software system or application is bug free. The whole process involves checking the software component or system component to evaluate one or more properties of interest. The necessity of software testing is very crucial. Testing has many paybacks and one of the most important ones is cost-effectiveness. Having software testing in the project can save money in the long run.

Training Objectives
The objectives of this Training are:
• Ensuring that all attendants of the training receive relevant training to prepare them for any new working practices related to software testing and software quality assurance.
• Ensuring appropriate level of skill is reached in order to perform as a Software Tester or Software Quality Assurance Engineer.
• Ensuring that all attendants have learnt the basic skills and concepts of Software Testing and they are ready to serve in entry-level posts.

Benefits of the Training
Software testing is exceptionally imaginative, innovative and intellectual task for the testers. This skill grows eventually by extensive training and practice. The basic definitions, principles and strategy is the key to this learning path that cannot be avoided by any professional. This training provides basic and advanced concepts of software testing with interactive learning sessions and real life examples. This software testing tutorial is designed for beginners who are already working in the industry and want to leap to the next level of career.



Contents of Training:

Session 01
Software Testing: Basics with Example
1. Introduction to software testing
2. Software testing as a Career
3. Software Testing Principles, SDLC, STLC
4. The "box" approach
a. White-box testing
b. Black-box testing
i. Visual testing
c. Grey-box testing

Session 02 & 03
Testing Types and Techniques
1. Testing levels
a. Unit testing
b. Integration testing
c. System testing
2. Testing Techniques
a. Manual Testing
b. Automation Testing
3. Testing Types
a. Smoke Testing, Sanity Testing
b. Regression Testing
c. Integration Testing
d. Positive Testing, Negative Testing
e. Front End Testing, Back End Testing
4. Testing Process
a. Waterfall vs Agile
b. Agile vs Scrum

Session 04
Test Case Writing and Execution
1. Test Case basics
2. Test Scenario vs Test Case
3. Requirement Analysis
4. Test Case format and final writing with example
5. Bug posting: Details with example
6. Test Management Tools

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Fresh graduates who had the course “Software Engineering”
Professionals who have 1-3 years of work experience as a tester or SQA engineer