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Training and Development of HR


The competitive pressures facing organizations today require employees whose knowledge and ideas are current, and whose skills and abilities can deliver results. As organizations compete and change, training and development becomes even more critical than before. Employees, who must adapt to the myriad of changes facing organizations, must be trained continually in order to maintain and update their capabilities.The overall training plans of an organization needs to aim towards the holistic development of the team in facing ever increasing competition and growing the business. Managers and supervisors also need to be trained to enhance their leadership skills and abilities. More and more employers are now recognizing that training and development is not just a cost, it is an investment in the human capital of the organization that benefits the entire organization in the longer term.This course clarifies the role of training and development in Human Resource Management. Participants will understand how to plan and execute a training program - including needs assessment, evaluating trainee learning style, costing, considering delivery alternatives, motivating trainees, and evaluation.


Contents of Training:

Definitions of Training & Development (T&D) and differences between two. Recognize the roles T&D activities play in Human Resource Management To recognize the importance of needs assessment to the training process and the various methods of identifying or assessing training needs. To be able to produce a training plan with clear goals and specific learning outcomes and essentials of developing training modules. Various T&D methods and the importance of accommodating different learning and teaching styles in training programs. To be able to utilize a variety of training methodologies; Job Instructional Training, Case Studies, Experiential Exercises. To devise a pre-test and a post evaluation procedure for measuring the effectiveness of T&D efforts. Linking T&D with the Overall Strategy of theOrganization Using T&D for Performance Management & Career Development

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