Cost Reduction & Workplace Organization through 5S training centre in Bangladesh


Cost Reduction & Workplace Organization through 5S


The concept of good Housekeeping & workplace organization is popularly known as 5S. It stands for 5 Japanese terms namely:

SEIRI which means Sorting
SEITON which means Arranging
SEISO which means cleaning
SEIKETSU which means Maintaining
SHITSUKE which means Self- Discipline

5S has been practiced in many companies in various countries by Japanese expert and their counterparts and has shown its great effectiveness for improving productivity.

In Japan 5S has been practiced as a common sense activity for many years. The first publication on 5S was published in early 1986 kicking off organized 5S in Japan”. Since then many companies have recognized the effectiveness of 5S. Now there are many publication and videos on 5S are available in Japan.

In Singapore, the first project on 5S was started in 1987 in a model company by a Japanese expert and his counterparts. The results were outstanding. Subsequently, 5S spread widely in various industries in the country as the most basic and effective way to improve productivity. Within a few years 5S spread to other Asian countries, such as Malaysia, Thailand the Philippines and Indonesia.

5S is important in that it affects safety (preventive accident) quality(preventive errors) productivity( eliminating wastes) and equipment maintenance ( eliminating breakdown).A company with proper workplace organization and good housekeeping practice will have a better foundation for higher productivity , quality, reduces costs more timely delivery greater safety , higher employee morale, etc.

How participants will benefit from the course:
The practice of 5S helps participants to inculcate a “kaizen” mentality that is an attitude for continuous improvement. It also helps to develop teamwork and discipline. 5S can applied to both shop floors and offices and forms the basis of advanced models of productivity and quality improvement such as TQM( Total Quality Management), TPM( Total Productive Maintenance), and (JIT)Just –In-Time.

Moreover, Benefits of 5S are:
1. Workplace becomes clean and organized
2. Shop floor and office operation becomes easier and safer
3. Results are visible to everyone
4. Visible results enhance generation of more and new ideas
5. People are automatically disciplined
6. People feel proud of clean and organized workplace
7. Resultant good company image generates more business, etc.


Class Room lecture
PowerPoint Presentation
Group Discussion & Presentation

Contents of Training:

Session 01:
Productivity Concepts
Why do we need to measure productivity?
Productivity & waste
Exercise cum discussion

Session 02:
Background & History of 5S
Definition of 5S
Rationale of 5S
How to practice 5S
Steps of 5S

Session 03:
Ranking of workplace
Importance of 5S
Benefits of 5S
How to promote good order

Session 04:
Role of employees in 5S activities
The phases of 5S installation
Problem solving stage
Exercise cum discussion

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Mid-Level Managers, Production Manager, Maintenance Staff and Store Officer.
Anyone interested to know about 5S.
Arrangement for Certificate, lunch and two tea-break would be made by the Organizer during the workshop.